Friday, September 18, 2009

Whitney's Strength

This morning I slid into the back of the car for the traffic riddled ride to the Atlanta airport. The driver asked if I'd like to hear the Tom Joyner morning show and I said of course. I know Tom well and I've actually worked with some of his productions as recently as the annual cruise that I participated in this past spring.

As soon as the radio came on I could hear the voice of a soulful Whitney. I'd heard the song several times by now and remembered attending a very private Beverly Hills listening party for the new release thrown by none other than record mogul Clive Davis. The space was packed with radio folks, journalists and anyone else who Clive thought would be vital participants in taking this record #1. I arrived a little late and when I tell you there wasn't a seat in the wasn't a seat in the house.

So while standing, lol I checked the place out. Rich beautiful draping lined the walls. Huge pictures of Whitney surrounded the room and every monitor strategically placed adorned her face. All I could think was, "She's really back".

There are only a few artists throughout my lifetime I've actually exemplified fanatic behavior and they go in this order,
Undoubtedly The King of POP, the legendary all time favorite Michael Jackson. I had the Levi denim jacket with about 30 buttons or more. My bedroom walls were filled with so many Michael Jackson posters it looked like wallpaper.
His album cover for the Thriller album sat on a boom box that collected dust like an unused piece of furniture.

And then came his sister Janet. Rhythm Nation by far was one of the most amazing movements to ever have been set into motion. Even after accompanying her on tour and opening up for her nationwide I'd watch every show and take pics like I had never seen the damn thing.

But I must say the NJ bred female songstress that stepped on the scene with "You Give Good Love" and "Thinking About you" was an idol for me. Having no idea that she was about to become a world phenom and the biggest selling female of all time. I was and am still a huge fan of Whitney Houston and basically she can do no wrong.

As I sat in the car listening to her new release Tom Joyner announced she's coming up live at the top of the hour and I felt the fan arise in me all over again. I felt an overwhelming feeling that almost resulted in a tear. Although the tear never dropped the sentiment was there and I suddenly really really understood what it meant to have Whitney back!!

All the years of having her and then slowly she was gone. I remember bowling with her and a few friends years ago and how much fun we all had and how vibrant she was. Thought I'd see her much more often after that but never again, only on television. Many times after I'd hear her name and think wow, we lost her. If I felt that way imagine how her mom felt, her family, Clive and the millions of fans across the world. I'm getting chills right now just thinking of how blessed she was, is and will be.

There are people who God may put here to make change and then they're are people who are sent to inspire those who make change. Just as I have said to be an mc's mc, Whitney by all means is a singer's singer. Whitney surpassed the expectations of most but certainly that was in Clive's plan from the very beginning. A true star in every since of the word and now she shines again.
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