Thursday, September 17, 2009


When is enough enough? I guess enough occurs the day you make the decision life will no longer go down the way that it has been. It's the moment you decide your well being is far more important than anyone or anything.

Enough is when you walk out of the door and rid yourself of ever having to slip up and slam your face against the back of his hand anymore.

Enough is when you step out on faith and know that a life of drugs and alcohol may have been for the generations before you but doesn't have to define YOUR walk in this lifetime.

Enough is when you decide you won't be taken advantage of. The amount of time you've known someone doesn't make it okay for them to use you and never give you something in return, be it family or friends.

Say "Enough is enough" and get your life moving in the direction you should have been headed in along time ago.
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