Friday, February 19, 2010


Today will be the beginning of a new attitude

Today will be the day that you say the things you've always thought

Today will be the day you listen and learn something you've never known

Today will be the day that changes your life forever

Today you will look to give more than you receive, share more than you get and then sit and watch how the universe moves to make sure you have exactly what you need

You are a hero in the making for others, now be that for yourself.....LIVE
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Living a dream

I guess in the middle of the most hectic schedule with performing, deejaying, music supervising, lecturing, learning, studying, appearing, hosting and more, one would think there isn't time for anything else.

Well I'm proof of living a dream I once had many years ago and really any time that I now have is spent thanking God for all that he's made possible. He's given me life and ability and with that I can accomplish any goal that I really focus and put my attention on.

Long live the dream! Now go make it happen.

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