Sunday, September 20, 2009

Choosing a manager

Ok so real talk, there's no right or wrong way to choose a manager, it's all according to how YOU like it. What might work for one artist may not work at all for another.

I would just advise an artist to look at these areas and then make a sane decision.

1 Are they familiar with the business?
If they are great! If they aren't make sure they are the type that wants to learn and doesn't feel like they know everything (those are the worst). At least if they're open enough to broaden their knowledge they may have a chance of eventually knowing all it may take to becoming a successful manager.

2 Are they personable? Meaning can they finesse a situation and have others wanting to work with them? This is very important because most times business will pass through management first and if they suck at communicating there goes your next job right down the toilet. Sometimes managers need people skills, especially if they never had to really confront situations and TALK to people. Artists, this is something to consider if your (prospect) manager is your best friend from the block and your their first client. Nothing with having a life long friend manage your career but let's make sure they're up to speed and can really handle the title "manager".

3 The last thing for this blog entry would be to take notice to how your (prospect) manager speaks to people and how they handle pressure in stressful circumstances. Wouldn't want your manager going off the deep end and then you have to play clean up afterwards. Remember every problem that may arise can be handled quite easily if the intent is to solve and perpetuate.

Tomorrow points 4-6. Happy manager hunting!!
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Werner von Wallenrod said...

Dope post. Good to see a subject matter like this get tackled at all, and especially from someone who surely knows what she's talking about.
Looking forward to part 2!

KAMMs said...

YES! Awesome post. I know a few artists that need to read this. Will share. Thanks Lyte!