Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dare to be different! BE U

Talent really comes a dime a dozen these days. I'm sure all of us know of someone who raps, sings and produces. We all have a little cousin, nephew, or child that wants super stardom more than life itself. I sometimes wonder if back in the 20's they had lots of talented people or did they keep their longing to be in the spotlight under wraps due to hard times and a fight for equality. Or was it they knew they weren't good enough to hang with the real players of that time.

Whatever it was, it no longer is and everyone and "they" mama wants the shine and the money. Which is all good, but at what price?

The one piece of advice I have continued to give throughout my career is "BE YOU". I say this simply because no one can be you better. God made you and your circumstances so I say flaunt what you naturally have that no one else has the power to be or do.

One of the main issues today as to why a great number of people are unhappy with hip hop is because too many rappers sound alike. So much so it's a bit hard to tell them apart. Of course there are some that bring something different to the game and those are the ones that quickly rise to the top because of their originality. Matter of fact there are only 2 categories as far as I'm concerned, uniquely different (leaders) and mundanely boring (followers).

I say to mcs and producers, while creating your rhymes and beats if you feel it's reminiscent of something you've probably is. Switch it up immediately!!! Dare to be different! Push yourself to a new place and challenge your works from yesterday!

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