Monday, September 7, 2009


It breaks my heart to see so many talented folks just disappear from our site. Sure they are still grinding and doing things behind the scenes but isn't it nice to just see them and their light shine on all of us...all the time

Below is a list of folks I want to pay made respect to and acknowledge what their talent did and still does for the game.

Glenn Lewis
Carl Thomas
Darnell Jones
Sunshine Anderson
Lil Mo
Faith Evans
Horace Brown
Jimmy Cozier

And a host of others I'll continue to post!! BTW Jill Scott certainly waits too long between projects...come on we need that fiya!

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Divalocity said...

You are right, these are some of the real voices that are missing from today's music scene. It's a shame that people have been listening to bad music for so long that they don't know real music when they hear it. The youngsters are so caught up in popular culture that if the media does not promote these singers then they are seen as has beens to them.