Saturday, September 5, 2009

ALL Female Show

Tucked in a Brooklyn block on the edge of Clinton Hills sits a hot night spot called Sputnik's. It's placed within a multi-level building where two floors are dedicated to the club. At ground level is a cool little eatery serving lots of late night goodies ie burgers, buffalo wings and chicken fingers. With a slamming dj playing an eclectic mix of newbies & oldies and an array of cocktails, beer and wine offered the place undoubtedly draws a pretty diverse group of people. A crowd that would ♥ nothing but to stay closer to their homes and avoid the travel in to Manhattan.

Downstairs is where the performances are held and there one will find another bar for convenience, room to dance, a dj booth and a small stage.

Last night Brooklyn witnessed "girl power" brought front and center to the stage at Sputniks.

The ladies showed out and ripped it. Eternia, Kalae (all day), Jean Grae, Collette and Tecla. Gene's partner in crime Mela Machink accompanied her on stage making for a killer set.
The sounds for the night were provided by Chicago's own DJ Reborn who played all the classics that had the party jumping!!

HHS was in affect and in the house!!
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AtLas' said...

The show was absolutely amazing! I'm still on last nights adrenaline rush.

Hector said...

its Eternia, not Iternia, but yeah...amazing show!! everyone represented and it made for a beautiful night.

EminemsRevenge said...

Just read about you getting on stage in Virginia...A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house--you SHOULD be rocking the Caribbean Day festivities on Eastern Parkway even if you ain't Jamaican.

Oz said...

Amazing show. I didnt know it was all female until the end. All the artist were amazing. I had a great time and will definitely follow or buy their music. All MCs were on point.