Monday, August 31, 2009

Remember the day?

Seems like just yesterday you were riding down your block on your bicycle with the training wheels still attached.  Or maybe even that big wheel that sat just an inch and a half away from the ground and you would peddle to stay up with big kids who were gliding around on their dirt bikes.

Back when you believed you could do anything and be whatever your heart desired.  Your imagination took you and your friends into worlds unknown and your love was pure and untainted.  When all was innocent and you were naive but yet ready to conquer the world.  Before anyone said these magical words, CAN'T, DON'T, NEVER, WON'T. Before someone screamed, yelled and spoke to you as if you weren't a spiritual being who had just decided to come back in a little person's body. And before someone laid hands on you in a way that was completely inappropriate.

Can we ever find that inner voice that spoke to us as a child assuring us that it was okay to succeed? That it was cool to believe and if we chose to fly...we could.  Let's get that good feeling back. If you stopped believing in your dreams and your talent do something about it. Perfect your craft by working at it and doing whatever it takes to keep that dream alive. A dream should never die.....

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Moving On

I have found at points in my life I didn't realize I had a choice. I felt stuck and unable to really activate my ability to take action.

Often people stand still rather than take the chance of moving in the wrong direction. But after much thought I realized I always have a choice and so do you. The testament of that are people who come from the poorest of neighborhoods that become some of the most influential and powerful individuals who go on to make a difference in the world by helping others.

I see every adversity as a chance to make an incredible choice where the outcome benefits all meaning you, your family and your group. I'm never afraid of a dilemma, it just gives me an opportunity to create another option.

Life is an open highway full of choices, only you are capable of putting up roadblocks!!!
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Saturday, August 29, 2009


On Sunday, August 30, 2009, New York City Council Deputy Majority Leader Member Leroy Comrie (D-Queens) and the Southeast Queens community will host a ceremony to rename the corner of 205th Street and Hollis Avenue to “RUN DMC JMJ WAY”. The ceremony will take place at 2pm Run D.M.C. was an influential Hip-Hop group whose members were born and/or grew up in Hollis, Queens. Founded by Joseph “DJ Run” Simmons, Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels, and the late Jason “Jam Master J” Mizell, Run D.M.C. is considered to be one of the most important and influential artists in rap music history. Seven ground-breaking albums and countless hit singles resulted in the group paving the way for rap music to become the multi-billion dollar industry it is today. Additionally, Run D.M.C is given credit for immortalizing Hollis, Queens as one of the birth places of Hip-Hop.Run D.M.C. was inducted into the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 4,2009 in honor of their historic and successful twenty-five year career.“Given their historic accomplishments, RunD.M.C. are a tremendous source of pride for the Hollis community I represent,” stated Council Member Comrie. “Their dedication and hard work has inspired countless others and they have given back generously to this community. Most recently, Mr. McDaniels donated numerous memorabilia for the establishment of the Hollis Hip Hop Museum, which is located in the Hollis Famous Burger restaurant, owned by music executive Orville Hall, on 203rd Street and Hollis Avenue.“I have chosen the 205th Street location because it is in proximity to the museum and also is the site of a famous mural of the group’s late member, Mr. Mizell. It is my sincere hope that this street renaming, combined with the museum, will help to economically revitalize this particular neighborhood as a potential tourism attraction.”Members of the Hall of Fame group and Mr. Mizell’s family will be present to witness the unveiling and receive personal street signs from Council Member Comrie.WBLS radio personality Dr. Bob Lee and Power 105 radio personality Ed Lover will be present to emcee the ceremony

Friday, August 28, 2009


There are plenty of sites that are going to tell you most of what you already know about this man.  Most importantly that he was a world renowned Dj and travelled all over the world spinning for thousands of people. But here on this blog I will tell you about the first and only time I met DJ AM.  It was at a spot that he promoted every week out in Los Angeles.  I met a friend named Doc there who has a friend name Ian who is DJ AM's right hand and he is the man that arranged our meeting.
When I arrived the spot was just filling up.  Men and women of all races were in attendance to see a man they would regularly see on his night at this club.  As we moved closer to the DJ Booth I saw a crowd swelling around the speakers.  It was AM and he was scratching a record in the middle of 2 MAC laptops.  He looked like a new age dj/pilot, in total control of the music, the tempo and the crowd.
Our meeting was brief but meaningful.  We shook hands and he shared his love for my music and immediately slid on an electro/pop version of Paperthin I had never heard before.  That's what people admired about DJ AM most, his ability to try new things right in the heat of the night.  Most Djs are scared shitless to inject something new in the middle of the playlist, afraid to lose the momentum of the crowd.  It brought a smile to my face to see the heads dancing and singing the words to my song.  A crowd so unlikely, who had just been moving to Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk, but that's what AM had...the ability to merge the worlds of suburbia and the urban sound of hip hop. Party goers just trusted his instincts and took the journey with him whenever he hit the tables.
What a powerful crowd motivator he was, someone who could totally bring joy to the masses.  HE WILL BE MISSED.


The Member Services Department, nationally and in conjunction with its 12 regional chapter offices, is the primary communication link between the Academy's 18,000 members and its programs, services and activities. The Department works to ensure each member stays informed on Academy activities and events, creates added-value partnerships with companies through the Member Benefits program and responds to members concerns and questions regarding the Academy and their membership.

The Academy has three levels of membership available:

VOTING: professionals with creative or technical credits on six commercially released tracks (or their equivalent). These may include vocalists, conductors, arrangers, and other fields directly related to the creative or technical process of producing recordings.

ASSOCIATE: creative and technical professionals with fewer than the required credits for Voting membership and other recording industry professionals such as executive producers, writers, publishers, attorneys, record label staff, music merchants, music educators, and artist managers who are directly involved, on a professional basis, in the music business.

STUDENT: college students who are pursuing a career in the music industry. This membership serves to prepare students for careers in the recording industry through networking, educational programs and performance opportunities. GRAMMY U is designed to enhance students’ current academic curriculum with access to recording industry professionals to give an “out of classroom” perspective on the recording industry.

Recording Academy Member Online Application


Banana, (yes I meant to make that singularly) I looked up today and had a whole 21 followers. Not 12, not 15, but 21. That's blackjack baby! Speaking of Blac Jac he's the guy that's produced Hip Hop Honors since it's been in existence however I spoke to him last week and he's not involved with the show this year. Unfortunately I probably won't be either seeing it is DEF JAM's year.

Russell Simmons will be there no doubt with partner in crime Rick Rubin. Wow, when I look back at all those two men bought to us it's truly amazing. Let's recount LL Cool J, PE, SLick Rick, The Beastie Boys, Jay Z, Method Man & Redman, The Boss, Onyx, wow the list goes on and on. There's even more to be told as Island/Def Jam's roster boasts some of today's hottest artists like Fabolous, The Dream, Rick Ross, Mariah Carey, Jeremih and Young Jeezy. Then of course we'd have to look at Rush Management that handled some our classic favorites like Eric B and Rakim, Run DMC, Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince and so many others. I'm sure it's going to be a blow out show and I will be watching from wherever I am.

Long live the true inspiration of hip hop artistry....DEF JAM!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I would certainly be withholding the 411 if I didn't share this information with all my blog followers. I have spoken to you all about my joining forces with DuBose Music Group. Not only am I Executive Vice President (EVP) but also the first artist to launch the division. However the DMG label is just an extension of a larger pie called DuBose Entertainment. Please check the information below to get a better understanding.

James DuBose, founder and CEO of DuBose Entertainment in Hollywood, California, has spent over 18 years in television production and believes his creativity, determination and ability to understand his audience has served him well throughout his career. In the Fall of 2008 DuBose served as executive producer for several shows including his third season of “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is” and his first season of the new original series “Brother to Brutha” both on BET. He also shepherded two one-hour specials “The Single: Monica” and “Dreamland” for Peachtree TV and has several shows in various stages of development with artists, celebrities and sports figures that will come to fruition later this year. There is no doubt that James DuBose is a prolific producer of reality programming who has become the go to guy for some of today's biggest names.



BET enjoyed a huge night in the ratings on Tuesday, August 25, as the season finale of the little show that could, TINY & TOYA, attracted more than 1.9 million total viewers.* TINY & TOYA finished the season with an average of 1.8 MM viewers, making it the #1 original series in BET history, according to Nielsen Media Research. The blockbuster night was capped off by the season premiere of the spin-off series, FRANKIE & NEFFE, which garnered 1.9 million total viewers. The premiere of FRANKIE & NEFFE stands as the #2 series debut in BET history. TINY & TOYA chronicled the everyday lives of two ordinary women, brought together in friendship by their shared experiences surviving the pitfalls of fame alongside superstar significant others. While the brand new series FRANKIE & NEFFE follows the R&B Keyshia Cole's mother (Frankie) and sister (Neffe) as they strive to gain financial independence and take charge of their own lives.

For more info go to DuBose Entertainment

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Teen Screen, Cynical Deception, Dangerous Illusion

By Allen Jones, Former Investigator, Pennsylvania Office of the Inspector General

As human beings we have a strong natural impulse to protect our kids from harm. As a society we create norms, laws and institutions to protect, educate and nurture our young. Consciously and instinctively we safeguard our children.

Teen Screen is a bitter and cynical betrayal of this noble human impulse. Promoted as an aid to preventing suicide and identifying so-called mental disorders, Teen Screen is in fact a nefarious effort to recruit our children into the quagmire of biological psychiatry.

I believe the majority of parents who support Teen Screen are well meaning and genuinely have the best interests of children at heart. I believe they have been duped and beguiled by slick marketing that appealed to their better instincts while simultaneously defeating those instincts.

Teen Screen was developed and promoted by persons with deep financial ties to makers of psychiatric drugs. These drug companies have a profit-driven incentive to maximize the use of their drugs. Teen Screen furthers this corporate goal by following a psychiatric model intended to translate normal human experience into symptoms of mental illness.

Teen Screen’s centerpiece is a survey which claims to identify signs of mental illness and suicidality in children and adolescents. How does it do this? Teen Screen identifies feelings and emotions experienced by children and adolescents. It then translates these feelings and emotions into “symptoms” of mental illness. In this way, Teen Screen is in lock-step with modern psychiatry.

The field of psychiatry has attached clinical pathology to the presence or absence of literally every mood or feeling in the normal range of human emotions. The diagnostic criteria outlined in psychiatry’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) essentially identify the presence or absence of feelings and subjectively determine if these feelings are “normal” or “abnormal.” If the feeling or emotion is considered inappropriate in intensity or context, that feeling becomes a “symptom” of “mental illness,” treatable by medication. After all, psychiatric drugs are designed to treat “symptoms” not cure illness.

Any child who lives life fully and freely will experience a full range of human emotions. They will experience sadness, gladness, apathy, energy, optimism, pessimism, fear, fearlessness, love, hate, suspicion, trust and myriad other feelings. Experiencing these feelings and learning to be guided appropriately by them is a vital part of growth and maturation. Teen Screen identifies these feelings, subtlety manipulates or ignores context and labels the feelings as possible “symptoms” of mental illness.

Imagine the emotional states experienced by a child before, during and after a major life event such as playing in the “Big Game” with an archrival school. The child might be distracted by excited anticipation for days before the event. He might have difficulty sleeping the night before the game. He might be unable to think of anything else on game day, even during classes. He will likely be very highly energized during the event. Depending on the game outcome, the child might be elated or saddened for days afterwards.

Now imagine the child later being asked questions such as these:

Have you ever felt so full of energy that it was difficult to sit still?

Have you ever felt anxious when you had to say or do something in front of people?

Have you ever been so concerned about something that you could not sleep?

Have you ever felt so happy that you could not concentrate?

Have you ever felt so sad that you could not focus on your school work?

The participant in the big game and the spectators of the big game might answer “yes” to most or all of the above questions. Following the creed of modern psychiatry, Teen Screen would determine the child to be at risk of mania, social anxiety disorder, depression and possibly bipolar disorder. The child would be flagged for further psychiatric evaluation.

The above scenario is not far-fetched. Things like this are happening every day. Teen Screen has been proven to have “false positive” rates as high as 84%.

Teen Screen is a device to distill “symptoms” from normal life experience and generate unlimited referrals to mental health professionals whose primary method of treatment involves drugging. Please do not be duped by this ferocious, Pharma-friendly wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Allen Jones, worked as an investigator in the Pennsylvania Office of the Inspector General (OIG), and gained widespread national and international attention as a whistleblower after uncovering pharmaceutical industry payments to government officials for the purpose of implementing a national mental health screening/psychotropic drug treatment plan based on the controversial Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP). In May, 2004 the British Medical Journal reported Jones had uncovered evidence major drug companies sought to influence government officials and that Jones was escorted out of his workplace on April 28, 2004, after OIG officials accused him of talking to the press. Jones chose to disclose his findings to the press precisely because of corrupt behavior by OIG officials themselves, alleging the OIG’s policy was “unconstitutional.”

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SEPT 4th


I remember one of the first times I hung out with Aaliyah. It was at the studio located in the Capitol building in Los Angeles. In fact there were so many ladies in the house it's quite amazing that anyone could get all those top players in the room. Angie Stone was there along with Zhane, Jade and Sweet Sable. There were so many others in the house to make a killer video for a song we had all participated in to uplift the woman's spirit.

I ran into Aaliyah many times after our first meeting and she was always a ray of sunlight and good energy. She was soft spoken, so rich with charisma and so creative. My memories of Aaliyah are not much different from everyone else's. She was extremely consistent with whatever she did, her work ethic was impeccable and her presence was undeniable. Her spirit on high and her character pure. An angel gone too soon

Come join me


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chicago Public Schools

I'm here with Day 26 lending our celebrity appeal for a back to school campaign.

I absolutely ♥ talking to kids!! They are so impressionable and so open to learn. It brings me great pleasure to speak a word of encouragement to those who may need some inspiration.
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mix DJ 101

I had an extremely informative phone call with a very influential dj from back east. He is one of a few on-air djs in NYC who is given the unique opportunity to play what he desires. He's actually one of a handful in the entire country that's allowed to play and break new music.

In essence what he is so graciously permitted to do used to be the right of any and all djs. That right gave a dj the ability to exercise their ears, recognize a hit and then play it whenever and however he wanted.

The game has since changed and the playlist of a mix dj is now constructed by the PD (program director) and MD (music director) of the radio station.

It all went bad when Hip Hop got good. So good, everybody wanted a piece and by piece I mean money.
It's no wonder you can be so confused when you hear a song on the internet and think wow why isn't that on radio. It's simply because that artist or indie label can't PAY TO PLAY. Major labels in the past have paid as much as 35k to 75K for Urban records (HIPHOP/R&B) and somewhere between 150k to 300k for Rhythm records (R&B) to get a certain amount of spins from radio.

I believe the MIX DJ lost his power when radio realized how much more they could make if they monetized the mix show which is most likely the most listened to portion of the day.

Or labels/artists began to offer mix djs money for play in fear that the record would not get enough spins from just being hot alone. Once radio big wigs got a hold of that info they decided they would control it all so if there was money to be made....they would be the hanchos making it.

Whatever the impetus most mixshow playlists are not even what the dj wants to spin. He/she wants to be innovative and start new trends. The dj wants to be the first to throw on a record that bangs which no one has heard before.

But now the time slots are all bought by labels that are willing to pay a fortune to have their artist's music play but it the meantime radio is creating a distorted picture of what people want and what people are being forced in to liking. Playing songs over and over and over, truly like a broken record.

Djs, get in there and band together for your right to choose your own music for your set. Listeners, don't fall into the trap that just because it's on radio it's a hit....not.

I don't really see it ever changing unless a group of djs push their power and say enough is enough.
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009



Clink your glasses ni**s the bad ass is back
the fastest show your where the cash is
like Cassius
I one two do'em like Erasmus
NY thick like mollases
can't nobody stand close
F* your toast
I celebrate myself doing the most
I'm floating N*
Coast to coast they can't match my weight
you wake dj if I ain't in your crate
Nah n* I been patient enough
the Dr. is in about rip sh*t up
they don't call me Dre though
But I serve them blows that are fatal
So dope I advise your kids to say no
but they can't
I got'em hooked from the naval
cane to the cradle

all night
all day
so hard
I'ma make your city say

Monday, August 17, 2009


I do believe this pic was taken in St. Louis at a famous sports shop owned by a man named Gus. Cool spirited dude who was extremely generous to all that walked thru his doors. I remember back in the day being so excited to be in St. Louis because I knew we were going to visit Gus and I would be able to leave with a whole lot of treats,lol.

I stopped through Gus's about 3 years ago when I was visiting St. Louis during Joe Torry's annual fundraising weekend. Of course I was excited to see Gus but not nearly as excited about picking out free clothes. Somehow my memory of the shop was a bit different from what I now saw before me. It was a bit overcrowded and dusty as hell but I think he was probably just lucky to still be open. The surrounding area looked as if it were all under going huge renovation and his little shop was the last bit of the St. Louis we had all come to know.



Sunday, August 16, 2009


I remember once hearing, the traffic moves so slow on Sunday because everyone is waiting for Monday.

Sunday has always been my day of rest. It's a day I get connected with self. I dedicate that day to silence and an appreciation for not all that I have but all that I am and becoming.
This day prepares me for the week and all that will occur within it. It invigorates my mentals to sit with my own thoughts not consumed with anyone else's drama. I am me!!
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Thursday, August 13, 2009


So let's play the work of an artist out. Let's get it all in the open and make it a discussion of what it really takes to be a creative force in this climate. First you gotta have enough balls to think you have talent to the degree that you would want to share it with others. Once you get pass that major barrier you then attempt to connect with the people with words they can relate to and then hopefully you are able to touch nations of people. Providing you have some type of heart, through your talent your emotions will permeate and one we'll feel all that you do.

In essence the artist is one of the most important creatures to inhabit this God given earth. Some may argue this point and others may agree but the last time I checked it wasn't the community leader that was moving the crowd. Shaping the opinion of many across this world are mcs like Kanye, Jay Z, TI and Lil Wayne. And yes sure there are many others who would qualify as someone who can help and guide public opinion. Russell Simmons, Will IAM and P Diddy made it cool to vote for a whole new generation of eligible voters. We, without a doubt move people into a whole new experience they may not have ever discovered prior to hearing our perspective.

This brings me to this. Why is it media finds so much joy in reporting the misfortunes of an artist as it relates to taxes? That sh*t ain't funny! Never was and never will be. Taxes for an artist are the most horrible thing ever. It sends a message to the sub conscious that they shouldn't create and look forward to making a lot of money because in the end they are going to have to give more than half of it away. Oh not to their favorite charity, or a local organization like the Boys and Girls club but to none other than Uncle Sam. And yes it's completely embarrassing to any involved in non payment of taxes because it shows someone is not doing their job correctly but to another artist it just reads as the everyday fight to stay on top.

Ok, tax trouble and what? Like any other bill I say call the company and get it straightened out but I certainly don't believe for one minute it's news worthy. Blog? Maybe lol. No, not even then. May God continue to bless all the artists who are trying to change the world for the better, regardless of tax woes.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Do you ever stop to think how much power a word holds? A word holds so much power it can help to save a life but it can also do the exact opposite if used improperly. Words can destroy a young child's desire for life and belief in themselves. A little girl's dream of one day saving lives as a doctor can be shrank down to absolutely nothing if another breaks her spirit by harming her with words that weigh nothing but land like boulders on her back.

They are needed to communicate yet so many take the ability to use words for granted. Words are not to be taken lightly so choose them carefully. After all we should only say the things which we don't mind being said to us. We should only be sure to speak of others they way we would have them speak of us.

We are a representation of God at work. Sure there will be times when others anger us but we must remember to love the God within them....we've made others angry I'm sure.

With Love

Pls read this excerpt from a book entitled "The Secret Power of Words" by Reginald G. Johnson


Words have always been used as a tool for creation. If you have ever read the Bible, you may have noted something very interesting in the Book of Genesis and in the New Testament which tells about the creation of our present earth. When the earth was void and without form, the power that we now call God existed as a vapor (spirit, life force, or energy) full of potential, just waiting to differentiate into liquid and solid form that we now know as our daily reality. How did God create the world of dense matter? Through the creative power of words!

First, was the word, and the word was with God. The spoken word was used to manifest atmosphere, bodies of water, water creatures, lush foliage and trees, birds, animals and human flesh. This could have happened instantaneously or it could have happened over a period of thousands of years, but the point is that the spoken word made things happen. Words are the powerful, creative forces by which "something-ness" was brought forth from nothingness. Each thing the spoken word created was given the ability to continue the creative process by reproducing in like kind, but humans were a cut above.

Being made in the image of God, humans could continue the creative process in the same manner as God - by speaking things into existence. From this account of creation, we realize that words contain powerful vibrations. For example, in Genesis 1:3 "And God said, 'Let there be light,' and there was light." With no other tools or building materials, the Creator engineered the very world we live in and the planet we live on by speaking it into existence. Many people do not realize that humans also have the Divine ability to speak and create. For that reason, we take our words for granted. The creation story in the first book of the Bible gives us clues as to who we are, what we are able to do and how to become aware of, or in tune with our own elemental nature. We are co-creators with God! Hold onto your seatbelts because there's more.

There is one scripture many folks would rather not deal with because it calls us to be responsible for everything we create. Many devout and faithful folks want to avoid Genesis 1:26 which says "Then God said, 'Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over all the earth.'" Rule over the earth? That means to be responsible for everything that goes on here and to give an account to God. That means we are responsible for our own lives and everything we create with our words, thoughts and deeds. We play a major role in the preservation of nature and the spiritual evolution of the planet. We are responsible for nurturing and tending to the entire creation.

Most of all, we are responsible for the outcome of our own lives. We have God's nature within us and have the spiritual "atoms" of the Creator of the Universe within our own DNA. We, as children of God, should be constantly evolving in consciousness to a more purified structure; more and more in tune with the Divine. If God "said" to create, then what you are daily "saying" is creating circumstances and purposeful events in your own life. If we create what we do not want by our "speaking", should we blame God? No, nor should we blame anyone else. We are responsible for our own words and the results they create.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

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The New Project

Can I tell you the way this project is moving there can only be the force of God moving through everyone I've come in to contact. ROCKING WITH THE BEST, the single, is making it's mark all over the internet. We currently are creating a contest that will allow those who purchase the 99 cent single at Itunes to send in their receipt # to and have the opportunity to win an IPOD TOUCH and $100 gift certificate for Itunes.

But more importantly the song Rocking With the Best was born out of me being in NYC at a Drake concert. While I was waiting for Drake to hit the stage I ran into Talib Kweli. Big fan of his and his last project was killah. We spoke for a while and I told him I was working on the new project and I needed some heat. We agreed to meet the next day in Brooklyn to grab a little food and discuss the direction of the project. I told him right where I was headed and he said he had folders and folders of tracks from various producers that I could check out. Talib played the track from Ski and Apple Juice Kid and the rest was history. I recorded the song there in NYC 2 days later, hopped over to Tony Touch (Toca Tuesdays on Shade45 at Sirius/XM). He played it and the phones lit up. He spun it back 3 times and the listeners went bananas!! That's what I love about some djs, they don't need anyone else to tell them a song is hot, they just know from the door. Some djs have an ear for what's different, original and worth something. They don't need the song to be on someone else's playlist to know that it's what the game is missing.

I went in and recorded another song called, My Story and needed a hook. I went by the famous Record Plant on some just chill ish and everybody was in the house recording in separate rooms. I ran into Will iam, Polo, Timbaland, Macy Gray, Game and the Neptunes. While I was chilling I sat with Warryn Campbell and played My Story for him. I told him I needed a hook and he wrote one on the spot and then recorded into his MAC. He then dropped it on a flash drive and I had the song with the hook on my laptop in less than 2 minutes.

Another time I'm over at the same spot and a good friend brings Chad over to say hi. I know Chad and Pharell from back in the day. They actually produced 4 songs for the last record I had with Elektra in 1997. They were truly hot songs might I add and you can find them at Itunes. Titles like I CAN'T MAKE A MISTAKE, CLOSER, IT'S ALL YOURS were the three that actually made the 1998 release of SEVEN AND SEVEN. Anyhow I'm talking to Chad saying how I need a sax on one of the joints and he automatically chimes in and says, "I do that". Musicians never cease to amaze me and Chad offered up his skills by adding a sax to one of the hardest cuts for the new project. That's love!

Despite my preference to prove to the world that I don't need a "We are the World" album, meaning every Tom, Dick and MC on it, I really do have my favorites that I'd like to get down with. Currently I'm stalking Anthony Hamilton lol. Got a song he's more than perfect for. Also putting my feelers out for a few others I'll leave nameless just in case I get my hopes up too high and they don't deliver.

Meanwhile most that know Lyte are excited about a new project and those that aren't..I haven't heard much from which is goooood!! lol

All in all the energy is good surrounding the project and all my hip hop family want to see me win.

BTW This blog is Real Talk