Monday, September 7, 2009


Hey so sometime last year one of those hip hop mags did a spread on all the "swagger like us" dudes.  Each page of a 4 page lay out had all the mc's favorite things but most importantly the items they wouldn't dare leave home without.
So I was inspired to do my own shot consisting of all the things I packed for this quick trip to VA to perform before one of our all time favorite groups BBD.

items to go 
Mac Book Pro  ( need that, couldn't touch the people without it)
Built lap bag      (Protects the plat Mac)
FLip                (shoot the happenings for the youtube channel
Ipod                  (music is my life but still haven't upgraded to the your mind)
Bold                   (crackberry to stay in communication)
Sure headphones (music always, Doug E' Fresh's dj Chill Will turned me on to those)
Amex                 (really who carries cash anymore? Well me, whenever I'm lucky enough)
Black Jeans        (classic, never goes out of style)
Watch                (Flava Flav can't be the only one that knows the time)
Shades               ( A must)
Jacket                (classic)
White tee           (classic)
Shoes                (Adidas, silver just for stage, catch me off stage with them and you should choke
Ladies in the near future I will hit the blog regarding toiletries because I've got secret tips....
1. for a quick stop on a bump try a tiny bit of apple/cider vinegar...don't drink it....dab on the bullseye!!!  lmao


momowilly said...

That's wassup! Looking forward to the toiletries tips!

LYTE said...

Yes! A tip is coming this week!