Wednesday, September 30, 2009

REvamp yourself!!

Have you been thinking that what you've been giving isn't enough?  Have you had thoughts lately that you want to be different, look different and feel different? You can change it all but it won't mean a thing if it's not from the inside out.

Meaning, we all know when we've gone out side the realm of behavior that's acceptable. We know when we've purposely done things to get even because our feelings were hurt.  We know when in the past we've acted impulsively and didn't take someone's feelings into consideration.

All of this stuff matters especially when we know.  It's easy to cause a lot of stress and pain when we're not aware that we have the power to leave an effect wherever we are present.  But when we know and don't move to be different and correct the bad we've done, then all hell breaks loose.  We become unhappy with everything and everyone. Time to take a look in and change the thing that can be better. Once that takes place and it may involve calling a few people to apologize we can start on our way to seeing a clearer and make the changes we so want to see on the outside.

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