Friday, September 4, 2009

Cornel West is the Man!

Cornel West

I love this man.  What a beautiful spirit! Young and old should know about the deeds of this man.  He is certainly a force to acknowledged.

Groundbreaking Author
Dr. Cornel West is currently the Class of 1943 University Professor of Religion at Princeton University. One of America's most gifted and provocative public intellectuals, Dr. West has won numerous awards including the American Book Award, and has received more than 20 honorary degrees. He received his BA from Harvard University and his MA and Ph.D. from Princeton University.
Dr. West's writing, speaking, and teaching weaves together the American traditions of the Baptist Church, transcendentalism, socialism, and pragmatism. His best-selling book, Race Matters, changed the course of America's dialogue on race, justice and democracy.
As a boy, Dr. West was greatly impressed by the Baptist church. He had been deeply touched by the stories of parishioners who, only two generations from slavery, told stories of Blacks maintaining their religious faith during the most trying of times. Dr. West was equally attracted to the commitment of the Black Panthers, and it was from them that he began to understand the importance of community-based political action. However, it was a biography of Teddy Roosevelt that Dr. West borrowed from a neighborhood bookmobile that influenced his academic future and led him to Harvard. After three years, Dr. West graduated magna cum laude. Martin Kilson, one of Dr. West's professors, recalls him as "the most intellectually aggressive and highly cerebral student I have taught in my 30 years here."
Dr. West's first book, Prophesy Deliverance!, advocates a socially concerned African American Christianity that draws from Marxism. Dr. West has authored several other books, most recently The African-American Century: How Black Americans Have Shaped Our Century (with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.,), Cornel West: A Critical Reader, and Democracy Matters. He also co-authored two important books on public policy issues: The Future of American Progressivism (with Roberto Unger) and The War Against Parents (with Sylvia Ann Hewlett).
Dr. West was an influential force in developing the storyline for the popular Matrix trilogy. Not only is he the spokesperson for this box-office hit series, Dr. West also had recurring roles in the final two volumes. A long-time member, Dr. West now serves as an honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America. He has worked with numerous political and social organizations, including co-chairing the National Parenting Organization's Task Force on Parent Empowerment. Dr. West was also part of President Clinton's National Conversation on Race, and has joined Al Sharpton's Presidential exploratory committee.


Nika Read said...

Thank you for providing this posting highlighting the profound life’s mission of Dr. Cornel West.
He has proved through his consist and steadfast efforts that life can be an expansive field of victories when it comes to creating value for humanity…
As a writer, poet, and Hip Hop Artist who happens to be working on obtaining a doctorial degree in Education Psychology, I deeply extend my sincere appreciation for the inspiration that Dr. Cornell West examples provide…
“nam myoho renge kyo”
Nika Read

Harriet Tubbman said...

Wow!! thanks