Sunday, June 28, 2009

God's Beloved Angel

My need to write this blog has become way overdue and seeing where we are today I must use my voice to share knowledge with my fans and those who respect truth.

This past week has been extremely upsetting with the recent loss of a musical genius, icon, son, brother, father, friend and angel. There was something so extremely special and incredible about Michael Jackson the spirit. I'm no longer amazed by the herds of fans of all colors and denominations. I'm not surprised anymore by his international appeal and the screaming and uncontrollable crying while waiting for the angel to arrive. HE WAS SIMPLY... AMAZING!!!!

Many fans to date asked prior to today why haven't I blogged or said anything about MJ. What DO I say? When getting the info about him being in a coma I sent his sister a msg SENDING LOVE TO YOU. Clearly not enough but as soon as the msg left my email box I got the devastating news that he wasn't in a coma and that he had passed on. Now I'm really at a lost for words. What can anyone say to a sister, brother, mother, father or child that has just been given the horrible information that someone they've known and loved their entire life is no longer in his body. I do believe spirits move on and a body is only temporary but no parent on earth wants to see their child leave this life before them nor does a sibling want to see their younger or older brother move beyond what is physically tangible with not a clue it was coming.

I watched the news this past week, something I NEVER do. I flipped through news channels trying to see whatever I could. More engaged in the footage I'd never seen of him than I was of some news caster's attempt to gain great viewership. The guest speakers like Spike Lee, Reverend Sharpton and Quincy Jones sharing their experiences and respect made me feel somewhat closer to the beautiful spirit of the man.

Nothing was more gratifying than witnessing the outstanding and bold interview with Deepok Chopra. I am sure what he said sent an uproar across Hollywood. He shared he believed Michael was over medicated and that Hollywood is a haven for drug pushers and peddlers posing as doctors who help but instead they create docile entertainers who can, now under the influence of pharmaceutical drugs, be controlled and eventually become addicts.

Being an A-list star whether someone is from the television, film or music arena is no cake walk. Under scrutiny and in the focus of every paparazzi lens on earth. Tapping phones, waiting outside homes and straight stalking is part of their M.O. Whether your completely green or well seasoned you stand to face the evil intended criticism from people who are only meant to push and promote hate so as not to see an artist on top but rather have that glimpse of inspiration become a falling star.

5 years ago I visited the head quarters of an organization called CCHR - CITIZEN'S COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS. I was completely in awe of the information that was made available and because of it I have made my life's mission to share this vital info with any and everyone who seeks to know more than what is simply told to them.

Before attending the tour I was briefed that there would be some graphic material and to brace myself for the unknown. I think that was putting it mildly, in fact the subject matter that was addressed was downright frightening and extremely disturbing. A wrong doing on the part of a few that will leave so many more walking zombies with no real chance of ever reaching their life's goal and purpose.

I was made aware of the ground work of evil that slavery, apartheid and the holocaust was built upon. The men behind the ideology of Hitler's madness. I learned about children forced on to drugs that are classified II which means these pills are categorized with cocaine and morphine and have the wildest side effects known to man inflicted upon the unknowing. (☑ below for more info on side effects)

I was made aware how these doctors paid big money to lobby for bills to be passed that would allow them to take their campaign of advertising from reputable magazines like Time and Life to mainstream television. Now there is a legal drug for every seemingly irregular thought or behavior. You show signs of indecisiveness you have ADD. You find math to be a difficult subject you have a Mathematical Disorder. You show a moody temperament you are labeled Bipolar which is backed by some crazy notion that one has a chemical imbalance which by the way doesn't have any credibility whatsoever. There isn't a test on this God given earth that measures anything in your head that can give the results of someone having an imbalance. Ask a doctor how it is they arrive to that conclusion, I'd be curious to know what the answer would be aside from "Here TAKE THIS and it'll help you".

Also there at the exhibit is a section dedicated to the lost souls of Hollywood. There on the walls are pics of Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Billie Holiday and many more. Huge talents that were either advised or chose to see doctors and or enter into psych wards to release stress. In any and all cases they didn't know they were signing up for a life time of prescription drugs that would ultimately lead to their deaths. Some of those celebrities even received Shock Therapy as a form of treatment which wiped away much of their zest for life and ability to create. It's clear now in hindsight the moment Britany Spears started wilding out has now been proven to be directly linked to a time when her manager frequently crushed pills into her food.

There is also a portion of the exhibit that focuses on the school shootings and how behind 14 of the cases lie the use of some mind altering pharmaceutical drug. Schools are receiving money to have YOUR kid hooked on Ritalin aka kiddie cocaine.

Ritalin comes in small pills the size and shape of aspirin tablets with the word "Ciba" engraved on it. They come in colors of pale yellow, pale green and white. It is classified by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in the same category as cocaine and morphine.
It's addictive and can lead to consume stronger drugs to achieve the same high.

Short-term effects:
Psychotic, aggressive or violent behavior
Nervousness, irritability
Disturbed sleep patterns
Increased heart rate and body temperature
Bizarre, erratic, or violent behavior

Long-term effects:
Disorientation, apathy, confused exhaustion
Destruction of tissues in nose if sniffed
Respiratory problems if smoked
Infectious diseases and abscesses if injected
Possible epilepsy
Malnutrition, weight loss
Irreversible damage to blood vessels in the brain and heart, leading to
strokes, heart attacks and death
Liver, kidney and lung damage
Convulsions, seizures and death

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