Tuesday, September 8, 2009

West Indian Day Parade in BK

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As a kid I lived 7 minutes away from Eastern Parkway where the West Indian Parade takes place.  I made sure I never missed a Labor Day Celebration.  Well of course as I grew older and became MC Lyte Labor day was usually a weekend when I'd have to go work for the money.  I'd have to travel all over the world to perform on some of the most celebrated holidays.  So when I knew I'd be in NY this weekend I threw my hand up and shouted HALLELUJAH, I'm going to the parade!!!

If you've never been it is a must for you to experience this day where the music is loud, the food is good and the people are humping...lol...ok well not all of them just 99% of them...lol


Redd said...

I went last year, had a ball! We stayed in Passaic (SP?) in NJ and drove like 10 min to get to NY. And I loved my room. From now on, Im always staying in Passaci LOL (But really, Im always staying in Passaic. And they turned me on to Lemoncello)

Honest Abe said...

Cool. Wish we could of met up since you was in town. I've always respected your music. And had some interesting times @ the West Indian Day Parade in the past. Plus thats usually the time some of my peeps I ain't seen in a hot min pop up. The costumes worn on da parkway are always lovely enough to feast my eyes on. While I'm rocking my Grenadian fatigued to the T. W/the flags waving in the air. As my ears drink up all that reggae, socca and calypso lyrical liquor! Lol. :)