Monday, September 28, 2009

Sickle Cell Anemia

Ke ke Shepard is dedicated to raising money and helping those with Sickle cell Anemia. This year her fundraiser took place at PINS in Studio City, California where celebs and friends took to the alley to bowl for dollars. I was on hand to dj and others in the house were, John Witherspoon, Theresa Randal, Dawn Lewis and long time couple Sally Richardson and Dondre Whitfield.


Anonymous said...

this is off topic, but... can you tell me where I can find photos of your braids you wore on half & half?
thanks~ MUCHO!!

Opinionated Lady said...

Sis. Lyte, I have been a fan of your talent for many years and loved you on Half & Half. I heard a rebroadcast of KeKe Sheppard on The Bev Smith show speaking about Sickle Cell awareness and research. If you could check out this website, It's a nutritional supplement that has helped people with sickle cell to not have pain and really helped them to live without requiring blood transfusions.

I am going to try & get a msg. to Ms. Sheppard as well but came across your blog first. My blog is if you find this has helped anyone, please let me know.
Thank you.