Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Saying I love you...by accident

This blog is written by Hip Hop sister Michelle Woods

Love has such an interpretive meaning behind it. We like to mix it up, don't we? "I love her but I'm not IN love"…or…. "I have a lot of love for him"… or …. "Who wouldn't love her, she's lovable!" It's all so relative and I guess the magic sparks when both parties relate at the same time and in the same way!

Have you ever loved someone and didn't tell them? Were you waiting for them to go first? Were you afraid they didn't feel the same way? I like to wait until it rolls right off my tongue and then I know I mean it. So when the new person I was seeing said it one evening so casually on the way out of my front door, I just figured they were practicing the same philosophy I was. Just waiting until it slipped out and then that would mean it was true! Still, what about if your new honey just got out of an old honey jar? Would you wonder if the "I love you" slipped out because on habit? I did! Was it a real accident? My "I love you" wasn't mine! Or was it?

Sometimes I wonder, how do such loving relationships come to an end? When do things start to change? I think it happens in subtle ways. If we're not paying attention, we'll miss them. Maybe the "I love you" was really an accident but because it was played off as sincere, I began to move from a more confident place. Maybe I was walking with my chest out and head high because I was loved and that security made me step up my game and re- focus. Oh, but if it was all an accident and not sincere, could my actions be looked at as if I was pre- occupied and losing interest? A subtle energy that could switch the direction of something so good.

How do we leave the fear by the wayside and express the truest version of ourselves all in the name of love? When do we start treating each new relationship as brand new and as if our past didn't even exist? Is it possible to only take the lessons of the past, apply them to the future, speak from our hearts and start saying "I LOVE YOU"…. on purpose?

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Good Guys

That sophomore album is a tremendous hurdle for these talented soulful brothers. Not sure of the cause but for these brothers either the 2nd go round their projects weren't promoted properly or they never even made it back in to the studio.

Horace Brown
Glenn Lewis
Donnel Jones
Jimmy Cozier
Carl Thomas
Dave Hollister

Who else? Post your favs

I wanted to recognize their work and send love and blessings. Hopefully we haven't heard the last of them.

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Friday, June 25, 2010


Everyone find out your blood type and then research the food you should and shouldn’t. It’s time to start FEELing better so we can DO better. In most cases all we have to do to start is EAT better. Let’s put good things in our bodies. We can start small and slow. Let’s try to eat five small meals (with healthy snacks) each day and boost our metabolisms! For some, the ultimate goal is to put ONLY living things in their living bodies. That’s sounds so ideal for the future but in the present? I love a good steak! My blood type says I can have that!

This weekend, find out your blood type and let me know about the research you find on what you should and shouldn't eat.

Thursday, June 24, 2010



I know they say that nothing is perfect. They say nobody can be. Well I say that you can be THE PERFECT YOU! Whatever that means to YOU. Only YOU know YOU. YOU may have written your perfect goals down or workout for your perfect body. YOU may have to join a class or enter a contest to start on the road to your perfect life. Take chances and do what it takes to live your perfect life and ultimately be THE PERFECT YOU! I know I am!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Different Kind of Butterfly

Blog from Hip Hop Sister Michelle Woods:

We seem to equate those butterflies in our stomach as a response to a new love, first date, anticipated phone call or an awesome memory.


With the new spiritual awakening taking place all over I keep hearing more and more people talk about all of these feelings they have inside that they can't explain. Butterflies fit the descriptions perfectly!!! I feel them too! I think it's an omen! A fabulous adventure is fast approaching for us all!


Embrace that jittery feeling inside. Smile when you feel it. Work harder. Do everything possible to head in the direction of YOUR success, YOUR goals. Understand that the feeling is in your corner just like when you feel it for love/relationship…it's simply A DIFFERENT KIND OF BUTTERFLY!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


A special entry from Hip Hop Sister Michelle Woods: 

What does that even mean anymore in a society where woman are wearing less and less while men are more and more blunt about only wanting one thing? I was listening to a comedy show recently and the male comedian joked about how after a party either he and a young lady are *&$@ing or she's going home. He was CLEAR that there would be NO IHOP, Dennys, Jerrys or anything else! Yeah it was funny but it still got me thinking.


People are so afraid to put themselves out there in the line of love for fear it's a line of fire that they go to extreme measures to prove that they aren't "tricking." Woman seem to be feeling like they have been hurt so many times that they're not willing to "put themselves" out there again. Instead they rebel and dress scantily, speak vulgarly, party more and create more space between themselves and true love.


When do we get back to courageous acts of taking chances and being open for whatever is out there? When do we start treating each experience, love, friendship and each moment like it's new and the first?


Enjoy life, learn from your mistakes. Those times are gone. The past is dead. Live a little… PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE!


Let me know how it goes!

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Here's a word from a true Hip Hop Sister Michele Woods:

So Yesterday was Father's Day! I was thinking of mothers and all their hard work, especially single mothers. I was thinking about all they do and go through. I was even thinking about their pain and stress.

It got me thinking about a fathers pain. What could make a man feel pain as a father? Were there fathers out there who didn't leave their children and were distraught on Father's Day and missing them? Does Father's Day not also remind them of the loneliness they felt last Christmas Day when they weren't able to share it with their kids?

Money cannot replace the look on a child's face when they receive that one toy they wanted all year. Some men would trade a ride in a luxurious sports car to test drive a remote control car with their son. Some men would trade "guy's night out" just to play dolls with their daughters. Some people don't understand the concept of another wanting to hold their child, talk to them and read them a bedtime story.

We are always so quick to tie a man's absence with something he must have done wrong. So quick to assume that he walked out on his family.

Many have good reasons for feeling this way but the reality is, it's not everyone else's experience. Some men really want to be there.

So the next time you see a father without his children, don't assume he ran out on them. The fact is, society has replaced most irresponsible fathers with a monthly payment. To the real fathers trying to keep ties with their kids, keep your head up!



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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where is the movement?

I've always found people stand taller when they actually have something to stand for.

Find an organization to become an active participant. Or start your own!!

Get involved!
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