Monday, August 31, 2009

Remember the day?

Seems like just yesterday you were riding down your block on your bicycle with the training wheels still attached.  Or maybe even that big wheel that sat just an inch and a half away from the ground and you would peddle to stay up with big kids who were gliding around on their dirt bikes.

Back when you believed you could do anything and be whatever your heart desired.  Your imagination took you and your friends into worlds unknown and your love was pure and untainted.  When all was innocent and you were naive but yet ready to conquer the world.  Before anyone said these magical words, CAN'T, DON'T, NEVER, WON'T. Before someone screamed, yelled and spoke to you as if you weren't a spiritual being who had just decided to come back in a little person's body. And before someone laid hands on you in a way that was completely inappropriate.

Can we ever find that inner voice that spoke to us as a child assuring us that it was okay to succeed? That it was cool to believe and if we chose to fly...we could.  Let's get that good feeling back. If you stopped believing in your dreams and your talent do something about it. Perfect your craft by working at it and doing whatever it takes to keep that dream alive. A dream should never die.....

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Souldiva72 said...

Thank you Lyte for that, I've been trying to encourage others to fulfill their dreams, but sometimes we need our own enouragement. Your words are always on point.