Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I remember one of the first times I hung out with Aaliyah. It was at the studio located in the Capitol building in Los Angeles. In fact there were so many ladies in the house it's quite amazing that anyone could get all those top players in the room. Angie Stone was there along with Zhane, Jade and Sweet Sable. There were so many others in the house to make a killer video for a song we had all participated in to uplift the woman's spirit.

I ran into Aaliyah many times after our first meeting and she was always a ray of sunlight and good energy. She was soft spoken, so rich with charisma and so creative. My memories of Aaliyah are not much different from everyone else's. She was extremely consistent with whatever she did, her work ethic was impeccable and her presence was undeniable. Her spirit on high and her character pure. An angel gone too soon

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