Monday, August 17, 2009


I do believe this pic was taken in St. Louis at a famous sports shop owned by a man named Gus. Cool spirited dude who was extremely generous to all that walked thru his doors. I remember back in the day being so excited to be in St. Louis because I knew we were going to visit Gus and I would be able to leave with a whole lot of treats,lol.

I stopped through Gus's about 3 years ago when I was visiting St. Louis during Joe Torry's annual fundraising weekend. Of course I was excited to see Gus but not nearly as excited about picking out free clothes. Somehow my memory of the shop was a bit different from what I now saw before me. It was a bit overcrowded and dusty as hell but I think he was probably just lucky to still be open. The surrounding area looked as if it were all under going huge renovation and his little shop was the last bit of the St. Louis we had all come to know.

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