Thursday, August 13, 2009


So let's play the work of an artist out. Let's get it all in the open and make it a discussion of what it really takes to be a creative force in this climate. First you gotta have enough balls to think you have talent to the degree that you would want to share it with others. Once you get pass that major barrier you then attempt to connect with the people with words they can relate to and then hopefully you are able to touch nations of people. Providing you have some type of heart, through your talent your emotions will permeate and one we'll feel all that you do.

In essence the artist is one of the most important creatures to inhabit this God given earth. Some may argue this point and others may agree but the last time I checked it wasn't the community leader that was moving the crowd. Shaping the opinion of many across this world are mcs like Kanye, Jay Z, TI and Lil Wayne. And yes sure there are many others who would qualify as someone who can help and guide public opinion. Russell Simmons, Will IAM and P Diddy made it cool to vote for a whole new generation of eligible voters. We, without a doubt move people into a whole new experience they may not have ever discovered prior to hearing our perspective.

This brings me to this. Why is it media finds so much joy in reporting the misfortunes of an artist as it relates to taxes? That sh*t ain't funny! Never was and never will be. Taxes for an artist are the most horrible thing ever. It sends a message to the sub conscious that they shouldn't create and look forward to making a lot of money because in the end they are going to have to give more than half of it away. Oh not to their favorite charity, or a local organization like the Boys and Girls club but to none other than Uncle Sam. And yes it's completely embarrassing to any involved in non payment of taxes because it shows someone is not doing their job correctly but to another artist it just reads as the everyday fight to stay on top.

Ok, tax trouble and what? Like any other bill I say call the company and get it straightened out but I certainly don't believe for one minute it's news worthy. Blog? Maybe lol. No, not even then. May God continue to bless all the artists who are trying to change the world for the better, regardless of tax woes.

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