Thursday, August 6, 2009

The New Project

Can I tell you the way this project is moving there can only be the force of God moving through everyone I've come in to contact. ROCKING WITH THE BEST, the single, is making it's mark all over the internet. We currently are creating a contest that will allow those who purchase the 99 cent single at Itunes to send in their receipt # to and have the opportunity to win an IPOD TOUCH and $100 gift certificate for Itunes.

But more importantly the song Rocking With the Best was born out of me being in NYC at a Drake concert. While I was waiting for Drake to hit the stage I ran into Talib Kweli. Big fan of his and his last project was killah. We spoke for a while and I told him I was working on the new project and I needed some heat. We agreed to meet the next day in Brooklyn to grab a little food and discuss the direction of the project. I told him right where I was headed and he said he had folders and folders of tracks from various producers that I could check out. Talib played the track from Ski and Apple Juice Kid and the rest was history. I recorded the song there in NYC 2 days later, hopped over to Tony Touch (Toca Tuesdays on Shade45 at Sirius/XM). He played it and the phones lit up. He spun it back 3 times and the listeners went bananas!! That's what I love about some djs, they don't need anyone else to tell them a song is hot, they just know from the door. Some djs have an ear for what's different, original and worth something. They don't need the song to be on someone else's playlist to know that it's what the game is missing.

I went in and recorded another song called, My Story and needed a hook. I went by the famous Record Plant on some just chill ish and everybody was in the house recording in separate rooms. I ran into Will iam, Polo, Timbaland, Macy Gray, Game and the Neptunes. While I was chilling I sat with Warryn Campbell and played My Story for him. I told him I needed a hook and he wrote one on the spot and then recorded into his MAC. He then dropped it on a flash drive and I had the song with the hook on my laptop in less than 2 minutes.

Another time I'm over at the same spot and a good friend brings Chad over to say hi. I know Chad and Pharell from back in the day. They actually produced 4 songs for the last record I had with Elektra in 1997. They were truly hot songs might I add and you can find them at Itunes. Titles like I CAN'T MAKE A MISTAKE, CLOSER, IT'S ALL YOURS were the three that actually made the 1998 release of SEVEN AND SEVEN. Anyhow I'm talking to Chad saying how I need a sax on one of the joints and he automatically chimes in and says, "I do that". Musicians never cease to amaze me and Chad offered up his skills by adding a sax to one of the hardest cuts for the new project. That's love!

Despite my preference to prove to the world that I don't need a "We are the World" album, meaning every Tom, Dick and MC on it, I really do have my favorites that I'd like to get down with. Currently I'm stalking Anthony Hamilton lol. Got a song he's more than perfect for. Also putting my feelers out for a few others I'll leave nameless just in case I get my hopes up too high and they don't deliver.

Meanwhile most that know Lyte are excited about a new project and those that aren't..I haven't heard much from which is goooood!! lol

All in all the energy is good surrounding the project and all my hip hop family want to see me win.

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