Friday, August 28, 2009


There are plenty of sites that are going to tell you most of what you already know about this man.  Most importantly that he was a world renowned Dj and travelled all over the world spinning for thousands of people. But here on this blog I will tell you about the first and only time I met DJ AM.  It was at a spot that he promoted every week out in Los Angeles.  I met a friend named Doc there who has a friend name Ian who is DJ AM's right hand and he is the man that arranged our meeting.
When I arrived the spot was just filling up.  Men and women of all races were in attendance to see a man they would regularly see on his night at this club.  As we moved closer to the DJ Booth I saw a crowd swelling around the speakers.  It was AM and he was scratching a record in the middle of 2 MAC laptops.  He looked like a new age dj/pilot, in total control of the music, the tempo and the crowd.
Our meeting was brief but meaningful.  We shook hands and he shared his love for my music and immediately slid on an electro/pop version of Paperthin I had never heard before.  That's what people admired about DJ AM most, his ability to try new things right in the heat of the night.  Most Djs are scared shitless to inject something new in the middle of the playlist, afraid to lose the momentum of the crowd.  It brought a smile to my face to see the heads dancing and singing the words to my song.  A crowd so unlikely, who had just been moving to Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk, but that's what AM had...the ability to merge the worlds of suburbia and the urban sound of hip hop. Party goers just trusted his instincts and took the journey with him whenever he hit the tables.
What a powerful crowd motivator he was, someone who could totally bring joy to the masses.  HE WILL BE MISSED.

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