Monday, October 5, 2009

Young Talent

I see young talent wherever I go and there's never really enough time to impart all the knowledge that I'd like to. So here I will state a bit of what lingers in my mind regarding young talent.

First and foremost is to acknowledge that the game isn't easy.  If it were easy not only would everyone do it,but everyone that did it would be great and not only that they would be extremely successful. It's about staying power! If it doesn't happen for you within a certain amount of time will you walk away? What if it's right around the corner? What if you're big break doesn't have plans of arriving until times get radically difficult? Guess it won't matter then because you would have given up by then, or maybe not.

This blog is to send a kind reminder to all those young talented artists...when you get in the business for the right reasons and you stay for the right reasons, you are bound to see success.  Make your reason about the love for the art. As long as you are doing what you love you will never grow tired.  You will never run out of steam but instead while your big break is waiting to happen you will grow and become even greater than you are now.

Stay humble
Stay focused
Stay true and do what God meant for you to do ....YOU

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