Thursday, October 8, 2009

A nice smile goes a long way

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To put it simple and plain more folks oughta brush their teeth a little bit harder and a little bit longer.

Teeth are in the top five when it comes to making a good impression. Ask anyone and they will openly admit you lose major points with teeth that look like you just tried to bite a plate. And if your joints happen to be on tilt at the very least make sure they are brushed and clean.

Ladies and gents pls we must carry floss in the purse or the car, nothing like some stinky broccoli chilling in between a tooth and a a hard place, lol. All joking aside, if you haven't been to the dentist in the last year, get rid of that fear and get your butt down there for a thorough cleaning. Every six months some people make the decision to not go and wind up with cavities and disease, simply put YUK MOUTHS.

Also if you are unhappy with your teeth there are all types of ways to get a new smile. Braces, retainers, caps, bridges and dentures. You name it...they have it! Do your investigation and find out how to get a brighter smile too , it'll take you places fa real!!

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