Thursday, October 22, 2009

Moments of a lifetime

I met Doug E Fresh sometime after hearing his music.  His energy was unforgettable and I was definitely inspired by his style and work ethic.  Still he is one of the hardest working men in show biz performing at least 250 days out of the year on stages all over the world.  He is truly the world's greatest entertainer!!

What I adore most about my friendship with Doug E is our long talks.  If Doug E and I pass one another in a hallway of a hotel before a show it's guaranteed we are both going to be late.  It's not often in this biz I can speak to someone so candidly and freely about whatever.

The most memorable moment I have of Doug is him calling me immediately after he had heard me as a guest on a radio show.  We were both in the midwest sharing a performance bill with a couple of other artists.  He heard the show and called me right away.  We talked for moment, catching up and then he asked out of the blue, "Were you upset with anything at the radio station?" and I said, "No, why?".  He waited for a second and I could tell I was in for something and he continued, "well if you're happy to do the show let the listeners know."  I totally got it, just from those few words.  What Doug was saying was to relax and let the listeners in radio land know that I had a personality but most of all that I was happy to be there in their city and that I was going to do my best to give them a great show. From that moment on I dropped the stern Brooklyn hard rock mentality to truly be myself and if that involved being goofy from time to time so be it.  I really lightened up and began to gel with the people who were buying my music and supporting my concerts.

I thank Doug for calling me that day because he didn't have to.  I thank him for keeping it true and loving me enough to hit me up like a big brother and tell me exactly what he was thinking.  He put years on my career by sharing those words with me.  That's a village.....

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Destinee said...

Mc Lyte..I must say your a great ispiration to alot of hip hop artist's out there...but your a super inspiration to me. I am a hip hop producer for a Major label and since day one you have been my inspiration...I have sampled your music time and time again! and would love for you to hear my tracks..hip hop still lives one and thats why I tattoo'd it on me. HIP HOP LIVES ON THROUGH ARTIST'S LIKE YOU!