Thursday, October 15, 2009


I truly believe our ability to change at a moment's notice will determine how successful we can become. When one becomes rigid and afraid of the slightest change is when the downfall is near. It's called being prepared for whatever changes may arise and having ample time to restructure the plan so that it benefits YOU.

As a child I was forced to do many things against my will like having to wear dresses with lots of frills and things, lol. I remember having to eat foods I wasn't fond of like squash, chicken livers and turnips...yuck. NO child should be forced to eat the likes of eggplant, zucchini and avocado!!

In any case I sum it up to this
Many of us hold on to old ways in fear of change and handling circumstances in a new way. We let opportunities slip by because we find it difficult to adjust. I think we do it because for so many years in the past we were told what the changes would be, when we would make them and what would happen if we didn't. Let's not let fear stop us from making the changes necessary to living a fuller life.

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Mari Torres said...

Its sad that it takes us so long to understand that change is necessary for growth and that fear is something that if we don't confront it holds us back every time.

It is so good to see you going strong after all these years you Lyte shines brighter than ever!

YOu are an inspiration.