Sunday, October 4, 2009

MR Magic

I have to tell you all how truly blessed I feel to have lived during the era of hip hop where Mr. Magic had the greatest impact. He, Red Alert, Chuck Chillout and Marly Marl had NYC on lock. Well at least on regular radio. On the other end of the spectrum I cannot forget DNA and The Awesome Two who held down the am dial.

Mr. Magic and Dj Marley Marl made many Friday and Saturday nights special for me as a kid growing up in Brooklyn, NY. Everyone knows most hip-hop took place up in the Bronx and Harlem.  In Brooklyn it was mostly Reggae/Rockers music up and down the streets of Utica, Church Avenue and Flatbush.  It took a while for Brooklyn folks from the 90's to really care about hip-hop because all that was on their minds were Pinchez, Shabba, Barrington Levy and Supercat.

Meanwhile I sat in my bedroom with my boom box tuned into 107.5 and 98.7 Kiss. I switched back and forth trying to capture something on cassette that I had never heard before.In fact the beginning of my record 10% Dis that voice who hear actually belongs to none other than Mr. Magic.  We sampled it and used him to christen what we will probably go down as one of the most talked about dis records in history.

To hear Mr. Magic open and close that mic became a weekend tradition.He enlightened us all with bringing us the music that spoke to our souls. Rest in Peace my brother forever!!!!

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MeccaGodZilla said...

Thank you for this!

Supercat was holding it down.. right here in LI..near freeport!

and ur sooo right about trying to capture music you never heard before by switching the dials..back and forth! God I used to tape everything.. sista ur account of the history and your blog about Mr. Magic's impact just took me back to my childhood...
Thankyou for this. R.I.P. MR Magic