Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I've been really thinking about the dynamics of relationships and just wanted to throw a few things out there. Ride w me if you can and if you can't, abort ship now!!

If you've ever cheated in the relationship you are now in
A) it will never be the beautiful union it can be
B) you will never trust because you can't be trusted

Ok, so if you're still reading and you fit the profile, you got some courage so let's keep rockin'.

Come clean! Have a sit down and make it right. The key is when you've cheated you no longer stand your ground with anything. Your man/woman can now walk all over you without reason because you're too scared to stand up with all that guilt you're wearing.

Take responsibility for your relationship and if ain't worth you being honest and faithful....get out!!!
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CouchTimeShow said...

Hey Sista Lyte,

You are on point as usual. Relationships take work, if someone is at the point of cheating then they should be fair to themselves and to their partner. Love Doesn't Hurt (most times).
Peace & Love