Friday, June 25, 2010


Everyone find out your blood type and then research the food you should and shouldn’t. It’s time to start FEELing better so we can DO better. In most cases all we have to do to start is EAT better. Let’s put good things in our bodies. We can start small and slow. Let’s try to eat five small meals (with healthy snacks) each day and boost our metabolisms! For some, the ultimate goal is to put ONLY living things in their living bodies. That’s sounds so ideal for the future but in the present? I love a good steak! My blood type says I can have that!

This weekend, find out your blood type and let me know about the research you find on what you should and shouldn't eat.


brownsugatou said...

Interesting post MC Lyte... I wasn't aware that our blood type and the foods that we eat were even associated with our health and diets. Now I know.

Mecca said...

I'm going to find out asap!

Nena said...

I forgot my blood type...I think O+? But I do know I have the kind that can eat meat. The lady who does my colonic says my blood type's intestines are longer than the other blood types. This is why we can eat's made to digest the meat properly. Wheat and corn is not good, neither are blueberries, pineapple and pomegranate.