Tuesday, June 22, 2010


A special entry from Hip Hop Sister Michelle Woods: 

What does that even mean anymore in a society where woman are wearing less and less while men are more and more blunt about only wanting one thing? I was listening to a comedy show recently and the male comedian joked about how after a party either he and a young lady are *&$@ing or she's going home. He was CLEAR that there would be NO IHOP, Dennys, Jerrys or anything else! Yeah it was funny but it still got me thinking.


People are so afraid to put themselves out there in the line of love for fear it's a line of fire that they go to extreme measures to prove that they aren't "tricking." Woman seem to be feeling like they have been hurt so many times that they're not willing to "put themselves" out there again. Instead they rebel and dress scantily, speak vulgarly, party more and create more space between themselves and true love.


When do we get back to courageous acts of taking chances and being open for whatever is out there? When do we start treating each experience, love, friendship and each moment like it's new and the first?


Enjoy life, learn from your mistakes. Those times are gone. The past is dead. Live a little… PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE!


Let me know how it goes!

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Mecca said...

I completely agree. It is very sad how the relationship factor has been destroyed to the point of disrespecting not only the opposite sex, but ourselves.

It has gotten to the point to where music doesn't seem to represent love anymore, but sexual encounters.

We have to learn from the past experiences and move on. Keep in mind what you experienced, whether good or bad, and build off of that.

Love is a process of taking your time to truly know eachother. To know EVERYTHING about eachother, good and bad. If people took the time to really get to know a person and what they are about, it can eliminate some of the fear. You are more prepared.

We also have to teach these young ladies, that we are priceless. We are more than groupies or video dancers. Don't let the media fool you into believing that you have to be fast, in order to be wanted or loved. :)

Be Free.
Mecca Simeus

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mecca! When you're taking the time to really get to know someone, there's no time for the past. It's always okay to learn from the past and keep the lessons in your pocket or in your head. The heart should be reserved for love and fair offers to a new special someone or experience...

You have to know your fly. Period. The past may come knocking and want to see wassup with you or how your doing. You just have to point that puppy into the future. Technology. You wanna see me? You wanna hear from me? Know how I'm doing? Technology baby.. I'm too fly for that... GOOGLE ME! Young ladies must always see their beauty. No mirrors necessary!