Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Here's a word from a true Hip Hop Sister Michele Woods:

So Yesterday was Father's Day! I was thinking of mothers and all their hard work, especially single mothers. I was thinking about all they do and go through. I was even thinking about their pain and stress.

It got me thinking about a fathers pain. What could make a man feel pain as a father? Were there fathers out there who didn't leave their children and were distraught on Father's Day and missing them? Does Father's Day not also remind them of the loneliness they felt last Christmas Day when they weren't able to share it with their kids?

Money cannot replace the look on a child's face when they receive that one toy they wanted all year. Some men would trade a ride in a luxurious sports car to test drive a remote control car with their son. Some men would trade "guy's night out" just to play dolls with their daughters. Some people don't understand the concept of another wanting to hold their child, talk to them and read them a bedtime story.

We are always so quick to tie a man's absence with something he must have done wrong. So quick to assume that he walked out on his family.

Many have good reasons for feeling this way but the reality is, it's not everyone else's experience. Some men really want to be there.

So the next time you see a father without his children, don't assume he ran out on them. The fact is, society has replaced most irresponsible fathers with a monthly payment. To the real fathers trying to keep ties with their kids, keep your head up!



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