Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Saying I love you...by accident

This blog is written by Hip Hop sister Michelle Woods

Love has such an interpretive meaning behind it. We like to mix it up, don't we? "I love her but I'm not IN love"…or…. "I have a lot of love for him"… or …. "Who wouldn't love her, she's lovable!" It's all so relative and I guess the magic sparks when both parties relate at the same time and in the same way!

Have you ever loved someone and didn't tell them? Were you waiting for them to go first? Were you afraid they didn't feel the same way? I like to wait until it rolls right off my tongue and then I know I mean it. So when the new person I was seeing said it one evening so casually on the way out of my front door, I just figured they were practicing the same philosophy I was. Just waiting until it slipped out and then that would mean it was true! Still, what about if your new honey just got out of an old honey jar? Would you wonder if the "I love you" slipped out because on habit? I did! Was it a real accident? My "I love you" wasn't mine! Or was it?

Sometimes I wonder, how do such loving relationships come to an end? When do things start to change? I think it happens in subtle ways. If we're not paying attention, we'll miss them. Maybe the "I love you" was really an accident but because it was played off as sincere, I began to move from a more confident place. Maybe I was walking with my chest out and head high because I was loved and that security made me step up my game and re- focus. Oh, but if it was all an accident and not sincere, could my actions be looked at as if I was pre- occupied and losing interest? A subtle energy that could switch the direction of something so good.

How do we leave the fear by the wayside and express the truest version of ourselves all in the name of love? When do we start treating each new relationship as brand new and as if our past didn't even exist? Is it possible to only take the lessons of the past, apply them to the future, speak from our hearts and start saying "I LOVE YOU"…. on purpose?

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Anonymous said...

That's real deep. But here's my opinion on it. As humans we learn from our past. Our past mistakes, hurts, successes, etc. So when we've been hurt in the past we go into future relationships with a wall up, because we don't want to get hurt again. It's a natural human reaction to not want to get hurt. As far as love "just rolling off your tongue". The first time my girlfriend told me she love me it just rolled off her tongue. I had just gotten out of a 15 year marriage, so I didn't know how to react. The next day she told she loved me again, and my reaction was the same. When I finally told her that I loved her, it was because I meant it. Not because I figured "that's what she wants to hear." I always tell people you can't force love or make it happen. Just let it come to you naturally. People that take love seriously don't say it by accident. By the way I found this website by accident, but it's fairly interesting. And I hope you all don't mind a brother commenting on your post.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for you comment Brian. Michelle Woods has a really interesting blog. Keep commenting and spread the word. Iam!

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