Thursday, February 10, 2011

You Must Have What?

Good morning devoted sisters and brothers! I woke this morning with the thought of "what must I need to be happy?" It would be wise for you to work this out for yourself as well, seeing this is your life and you're the only that can demand what you want and need.

What do you need? Of course there are many things you may need if you broke down all the aspects of your life. Relationships, friendships, and work. I'm sure there are needs for your spiritual growth, some need praise & worship to feel closer to the source (GOD). Some need quiet & mediation. All some may need is The Good book and time for prayer.

Whatever it is that you require to be the best you, make sure YOU go after it. It could be a simple but invigorating walk that some may need to get their day kick started and have nature help them get it done. Some require quiet time to project what they would love for their day to amount to. Others need to work out and get that adrenaline flowing while some may yearn for their morning coffee and simple newspaper.

Get what you want and take what you need. No apologies....this life is YOURS!
God Bless : )
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