Friday, February 4, 2011

University of Kentucky

Thursday eve I had the pleasure and honor to speak to an auditorium of students who attend the University of Kentucky. I addressed the audience about 7pm and spoke for 45 minutes ending with a cool informative Q&A. I told of my story as a music lover and hip hop icon. I spoke of hardships and adversities all the while instilling how one's thoughts are most important to their destiny. I gave kind words of encouragement and the harsh reality of what it will take to excel in any field of employment.

After wrapping up a great discussion of music, life and dedication to being one's authentic self I spent time with my sorors of Sigma Gamma Rho. We took pictures, ate and had good laughs all in the name of sisters showing love to one another.

I look forward to seeing what those young students will make of their lives. I stressed each moment counts because indeed it does and I'm hopeful they will make the best of every second of their journey.

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