Monday, February 14, 2011


The more I live the more I understand what I like and what I don't and well I must say it's liberating to know the difference. What I do like is silence.

Growing up I was a latch-key kid living as the only child in my household.  I always felt the need to have the tv on to keep the apartment from being so damn silent. I wanted to feel like I wasn't alone and adding the noise of a television seem to give me that feeling that I was surrounded by life. If it wasn't the tv then it was the radio but something had to be going or else the mood just wasn't right.

I guess it took a whole lot of unwanted noise throughout my life to understand the true meaning of silence and what it means for one's peace of mind. Now I enjoy every moment of silence I can find as if it were something to be cherished..and it is. I am never bored, with every moment I find something to do,think or write. But in silence is where I find ME waiting patiently to be heard.

Quiet the world, you deserve to be heard by YOU.

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