Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have no fingers just pushed the buttons and out came P A T I E N C E. Many times throughout my life I've wanted to rush to the good part. I've wanted the dessert before I could really be done with the meal. I wanted to know the ending before understanding the beginning and some times I'd anticipate the punch line before all the details of the joke are even told.

So when I type Patience, it's not meant for you, it's meant to remind me. Now if you can use that today, by all means go right ahead. But for me it means stopping to breath and understanding that living in each moment will bring more happiness than guessing what the outcome will be and rushing through it.
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Liliya said...

This is truly one of the best statements i have ever read by all means! Patience is something you cannot teach a human being, its something that the individual has to develop on his own. The way i see patience is "It is like a long cobblestone road where you lay each brick out one by one throughout your whole life..." This is one of the key elements in everything - whether you talking about relationship, profession, personal achievements, etc...

Paul said...

P A T I E N C E , reading your blog, caused this thought to come into my mind, it is a rewrite of an old bible verse, now patience is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. the actual bible verse actually says faith, but faith, patience even trust are synonymous you can interchange them in any like sentence. I just thought I would share that though with you, since you were so generous, to your peeps a view of the what is going inside a mind filled with "Lyte". Hope to read more in the future, signed Fan From Day One In the Lyte Chronicles. Peace