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Can you find all of the Aaliyah song titles in the story? There are 53!

A Story for all folks born before ‘82

“Ok little shorties, come over here and sit down for a second. Who has ever heard of Aalyiah?”

The kids hands go up and they shout out all different types of answers, “Lil’ Jody says, “my older cousins name is Aaliyah…” Lil’ Kevin says, “No, she’s talking about the famous girl who used to sing.”

I said, “ That’s right Lil’ Kevin, Aaliyah was a very special person and she touched many lives. Would you like me to tell you all a little bit about her?”

The kids shout, ”Yayyyyyyyy!”


Once upon a time, there was a girl. No a young Woman., No a woman…. Wait. Ok. She was definitely more than a woman. In any case, her name was Aaliyah Dana Haughton. She had a mother and a father and one brother. As she was growing up she would sing all around the house. She had a dream! When she was a teenager, sometimes she would even bust a loose rap! She had a famous aunt who helped make the journey to the top a little extra smooth! She would visit different record companies and whenever they didn’t feel she was a perfect fit, she would simply try again.

Aaliyah had heart and style. She was known for her baggy pants and midriff tank tops and T-Shirts. She would let her long black tresses hang low and everyone copied her trademark side bang over her eye! Sometimes she would replace her bang with a patch! I really don’t know what to tell ya, Aaliyah was beautiful!

Lil’ Timmy interjected, “ Everyone says my mom is beautiful and they say she looks JUST like Aaliyah.” “Well, nobody looks JUST like someone else Timmy, especially JUST like Aaliyah. I don’t wanna say they don’t resemble each other but…” I didn’t even have to finish; I think Lil Timmy got the picture!

So, Aaliyah was on a rise to stardom. She was talented, pretty, and her dancing was hot like fire! She was compared to the likes of Janet Jackson and it was warranted. But when the press would compare Ciara and Beyonce to her, the fans would say,”u got nerve.”

Aaliyah didn’t care what people said about her and the allegations that she really thought age ain’t nothin but a number when it came to her dating Superstar producer R. Kelly. She always had a very “it’s whatever,” kind of attitude! She’d simply check in with the fans and ask, “are you feelin me” and then tell them that everything’s gonna be alright.

She was born to sing and always focused! Aaliyah was a rare creed who was plucked like a rose and broken in /the game like an eclipse of the sun. It didn’t take her long to become a movie queen and head over to the dark side in a film called Queen of The Dammed. She starred in a few movies where she was able to rock a different beat and she was able to work it out! Her fans stuck around because she was genuine and no matter what she went through she always came back in one piece! There was nothing messed up about Aaliyah. I gotta give it up to her parents because they did a great job with her!

She was also very mature for her age and well beyond her years. Even with love. Aaliyah would ask, ”are you that somebody” and even if she ended up heartbroken from going back and forth  with the same guy, she’d always be able to read between the lines and suggest, “we need a resolution.”

Aaliyah would always represent for all the ladies in the house and tell us not to rock the boat no matter how john blaze the guy/girl is and to just hold on until your were at your best! The lyrics to her songs were never forgotten. It was like she was speaking directly to us saying, “don’t worry, I gotcha back.”

Then she would dance her butt off  and I would sit in front of the TV with all I need! I’d have my dance clothes on, a glass of water, my 4 page letter that I sent to her fan box each week and a headshot of her that I got from her fan club!

Those were the days when saying I care for you and asking are you feelin’ me wasn’t about putting yourself out there.  When saying never no more and I refuse was about self empowerment. Sometimes I would wonder “what if I can be a girl like you and make beats 4 the streets?!?”

When Aaliyah was 22 years old she was on an airplane heading home from a music video shot and the plane crashed. Her life was cut so so  short and it left a void in the hearts of us all!

Fellas, maybe in you’re world your girlfriend is hot but did she know Aaliyah. I mean if your girl only knew!!!

She was truly one in a million and I got to give it up to my girl. She’s the one I gave my heart to because she was never giving up. Even though on this side of heaven she’s never comin’ back I always found it amazing that she keeps giving you more and coming out with new songs!

If I could I would go as a man undercover into heaven and look Aaliyah in her eyes and say, I came to give love and I miss you!



Poetic Inspiration said...

LOVED it!!!

eDITORcHRIS said...

Saw 14 titles...guess that's bcuz I was born in '89...and never really listen to radio music..just some videos on TV. I loved her, though. Aaliyah was always just amazing. I definitely remember the day and what I did that day that she passed. I know where I was when I heard. I'm glad that you posted this because everyone just speaks of her passing rather than her legacy, usually. Yes, she's gone but that's not the beginning or the end of Aaliyah.