Friday, September 3, 2010

Greeting Card Love

Written by our Hip Hop Sister Michelle Woods

Have you ever received a meaningful greeting card that touched you? Why was it so special? What did it say? Do you keep all your cards or do you throw them away? What makes a greeting card worth keeping?

When you're in the card aisle of a grocery store or even in the Hallmark store itself, how do you choose your greeting cards?

People express themselves in different ways. Some folks carefully choose a greeting card to make sure it says exactly what they want to say. Some buy blank greeting cards to simply have an opportunity to express their feelings in their own words. Maybe they buy the card for the artwork and the gesture.

Greeting cards are given to acknowledge a special someone. Could be a special occasion, a holiday, a Thank You, an Apology, a well wish etc. No matter the occasion a greeting card lets someone know how you're feeling.

The question is, how often do these cards take the place of face to face interaction? How often do people let a piece of printed cardstock take the place of their heart? Would you be willing to read your card to it's recipient if you had to?

 It's a great thing that we have so many options when it comes to communication. What's your top choice?

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Anonymous said...

I like to talk over the phone!

Poetic Inspiration said...

I express myself so much better when I write, so for me its letters, notes, emails, texts as my go to choice. I do like to say many things to my children, but I give them cards out of the blue so that one day when I'm gone not only will they have the memories of our conversations but a physical item to cherish as well.