Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My turn?

Some of us sit bewildered, "I've got all this damn talent and know how and
1 no one sees it
2 no one cares
3 I can't get a break
4 I'm living to survive
5 ya ya ya ya"

God doesn't lie and neither does the universe. If you've been given a talent, and most of us have, it's time you let those around you know. It's not about being famous, it's about using that talent to inspire another. It is ultimately God working through you to touch those that may need to be reminded of how beautiful life is.

So while you're sitting back hoping to be someone on TV or regretting all the time that has gone by and you missed your opportunity for celebrity remember...there's a real live person steps away that can really use inspiration through your singing, art,
poetry or whatever it is that you do. Everyone's a star if they allow themselves to shine, your turn is NOW!

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Lovely Lu said...

AGREED! I likes it.

Stephanie said...

Well said.
I think that because of the imagery people are exposed to, they have a tendency to work towards fame and money versus working AT perfecting their gift.
I also believe, and this is sadly directed toward people of color, that we don't realize that there are many positions behind the scenes that can allow you to shine. A dear friend of mine in NYC, who works on Broadway as a hair stylist/wig maker, pointed out to me that on some shows she made more than the principles and her work was seen by millions. Only a few will be front and center.

Angela Sherice said...

Great blog posting Lyte.
Simple, true and to the point.
I couldn't agree more.
And people with talent or something to offer creatively are often times afraid to reveal it, much less, display it-especially if they adhere to fear.
To add to that-something I often think about.
Why is it that (professionally speaking-like in a normal 9-5 field), you can shop your skills to the highest bidder with the expectation to be paid commensurate to what you have to offer and usually it works out, life is good/goes on (as planned).
But, (creatively speaking) what about somebody who has talents/skills to offer-want to be paid commensurate with that, but doesn't WANT to be famous or a "celebrity."
Ever wondered why if it's creative talent, why you can't escape "celebrity"/"being famous," but in another field-you can.
That boggles my brain.

Poetic Inspiration said...

True, so true! Thanks for this, I am guilty of this, not wanting to be famous, but not taking time to use my gift/talent to inspire others!

P.I.M.P.!! said...

Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to share your words. I needed to see this today. Although I've never had that desire to be celebrity, I know there are some that do. My creativity has been stifled lately and for the first time in a long time I wrote. It was a great feeling. I shared what I wrote with the world (online) and someone read it and became inspired. Now the two of us are going to form a writing group. All it took was me making a step and a need was met. Your words were very timely so I thank you again.

Elder Baetmaster said...

Your blog post shows the growth and maturity of one who is connected with the universe, therfore representing in service of, the gospel of modern times. You are lyte in this dark world that we live in. You exemplify externally The Temple Of Hip Hop that's within you beyond any man made organization or structure. I was once infactuated with you as a
fan but now I truly love you as a brother because you are a Queen Goddess of Hip Hop Spirit.

MC said...

Love this. I have been looking for validation in all the wrong place. It starts in the heart, and that's where it should end. Love to you for all that you are doing for the women out here struggling to be heard! Love. Love. Love!