Sunday, January 23, 2011

Farmer's Market

Good morning all!! I'm about to hit the local Farmer's Market and I'm already knowing to some of you this means absolutely that's ok. However, to some others the Farmer's Market represents a new lease on life simply because of the fresh fruits and vegetables that are available.

Usually at a Farmer's Market you will find organic fruits of all kinds and the same for green leafy veggies that are all grown locally. Organic meaning the "REAL" food had the opportunity to grow from a natural and fertile soil without the intrusion of pesticides and other creepy things used to kill insects. This natural process must be in place for 10 consecutive years in order for a farmer to claim his crop is in fact "100% ORGANIC".

Anyone who has made the choice to eat organically will tell you the taste is so much more appealing and quite frankly buying lettuce in a sealed bag really seems to defeat the purpose of eating what's good for you.

Although eating organically all of the time may not be financially realistic to some of us, we all can make better choices in what we intake that may actually result in having more energy and a generation that experiences less heart attacks.

Be well and treat your body better this year. You are what you eat is not to be taken lightly!
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Margaret said...

Originally from St. Louis, I REALLY miss the HUGE Soulard's farmer's market. In Germany, along with Saturday markets, Wednesdays were also 'market days' in most villages.
I live in NC now and have yet to find a farmer's market in my area...I may have to travel a bit outside my city, but I'm determined to find a market.

Liliya said...

Thats a great choice!!! Organic stuff is the best!!!! I think eating healthy should be everyones priority!!! Originally where i am from we grow our own vegetables and fruits!!!! I miss that! Personally, i try to go to the farmers market when i have an opportunity!!! So i totally support ur choice!!!! Way to go!:)

T~ licious Hair Designer said...

Good morning to you too! Thank You for the tip on fruits and vegetables, we need to eat better and beware of the things we eat,and also how we eat then and prepare then for cooking, so have a apple today and keep the doctors away, stream the greens so you can be lean, because the new year is here it not to late, to start eating right, right Today!