Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Don’t Speak About It, Be About It

From our Hip Hop Sister Michelle Woods:

There is some sort of creative energy rotating with the sun these days. People are finding their true passion and coming up with all sorts of ideas as to how to execute them. Folks are putting teams together, organizing groups and gathering friends and family for support and resources. The ongoing problem is what are we making of these resources? What are we doing with pdf files and loose papers filled with notes upon notes describing our grand plan that could change the economy, provide shelter for the homeless or help people own property?

IT’S TIME TO EXECUTE PEOPLE! Pursuing our dreams is the beginning of a world changing domino affect. When you do something you love, you love doing it. It’s that simple! We help people and when we feel good we make others feel good. These people like you and can’t seem to understand why it is that whenever they’re around you, they feel better. It’s because you’re happy. Those same people tell others about you (which keeps your business booming) and start to feel motivated to pursue THEIR dreams in hopes of being as consistently happy as you are!

It doesn’t matter if you have a 9-5, or you are the CEO of your own corporate office or run a non- profit as long as you are HAPPY and content. We tend to equate “content” with stability and money. Sure generating funds from pursuing your passion is a major bonus but the true pay off lies within. Let the excited beat of your heart knock over a domino and wah’lah, you can witness the magic of true happiness.

Be creative. Make a career of your passion. Don’t Speak About It, Be About It!


gina said...

You really should come to my school in Harlem and speak to these young girls. Your life experiences, and your genuineness is bound to break through for them. I am a teacher at P.S 76 let me know if you will allow your words to sprout good fruit in their lives, so they will produce a harvest of love...for their self, their God, and their community. Love is in need of Love today..be blessed sista..gina

Pazzion Girlz said...

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