Friday, November 6, 2009



I am truly a lover of all genres of music. Reggae I learned to love from Brooklyn. My downstairs neighbor was a Jamaican dj and he played all the hits for me in the 80s. The building would rattle from the bass of a Pinchez song. Disco and Soft Rock I picked up from mom. R&B I got from my uncle and my mom, groups like Rick James, D-train, The Ojays, Teen Marie and many more. Hip hop came by way of my cousins in Spanish Harlem and that is where I got wind of Kurtis Blow and the Furious Five. Bottom Line is I LOVE music and so here you have a little bit of THIS and a little bit of THAT!!! Courtesy of some of the best musicians the art form has to offer!!!

Music makes the world go round!!!

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Dollar Van Demos said...

We love it. BK ALL DAY! Hit us up if you wanna come make a Dollar Van Demo with us! Respect!