Saturday, November 14, 2009


Within this beautiful maze of Hip Hop culture there are many deeply rooted ills, I wonder does anyone notice.

For many years rappers have not only stepped up their game with the admittance of smoking marijuana but they've also advanced with the promotion of the substance in their music. There are a few who couldn't get through a song without talking about getting high if their life depended upon it.

Some believe being high takes away the stress while others think smoking the sticky puts them in a creative mode allowing them to get in touch with some higher level of consciousness.

Although many may smoke in the rap game, many don't.... so don't be fooled.
As an mc entering the game you should know, "SMOKING WEED IS NOT A PREREQUISITE". Don't get hung up trying to be cool and create another problem for yourself. Be YOU. And if you do smoke, challenge yourself and detox. Anything in excess can stand to be put to rest for a while.
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Traci Fant said...

What you're saying is so true. Many young people have the preconceived notion that in order to make it in the game, you've got to be high in the studio. This conversation has come up many times in my household between my 20year old son and I. He is an aspiring rapper, a self proclaimed hustler and a thug raised in the suburbs, LOL. The idea that "weed" is not a "real drug" seems to be fixated in his mind. I continue to argue that anything that takes you out of your realm, your normal way of thinking is a drug. Thank you for posting this, coming from a real hiphop legend such as yourself this is sure to make an impact!

Tasberry said...

This is true.

umasermons said...

you are one deep sister.. u keep it real, n tell it like it is.. not alot of ppl r real anymore b. alot of fakes we see.. and i admire u 4 bein da sister who keeps it real thru n thru.. i truly like yo personality, n whatever gets u thru life, dat positive energy, keep riding with it. coz its a blessing.. am inspired sista, from a brotha.