Saturday, March 15, 2008



Nia Long is a three-time Image Award-winning actress. She is best known for her roles in The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Soul Food, Love Jones, The Best Man, Big Momma's House, Third Watch and Are We There Yet?. Nia serves as a group mentor for the HerShe Group and makes herself available to lead discussions for HerShe Group's "Girl-Talk" series. HerShe girls love to personally connect with Nia and they appreciate her honesty and genuine spirit. She is truly extraordinary.

Jessica Harper is an award-winning actress, author and recording artist. She has shared the stage with Al Pacino and won a Cable Ace award for best actress. She has written and produced muscial CDs for children, earning multiple awards and rave reviews from Entertainment Weekly, Parenting, Billboard and others. She has also penned seven picture books in the last decade, including the best-selling "Nora's Room." Charitably, she is a writing mentor to a teenage girl, under the auspices of WriteGirl. Her new series of chapter books will be coming out this spring!

Venus Manuel was crowned Miss L.A County, Miss Black California & Miss Black United States and has also been named one of the top 10 college women in the nation by Glamour magazine. Venus graduated with honors from Cal State, Dominguez Hills and has become an inspiration to young adults in the foster care system, as she is also a former foster youth. Manuel shares her story to give hope to struggling young adults.

Charisse Nesbit, also a former foster youth, is the author and editor of the new book, A Dream Deferred, a Joy Achieved which is a positive look at the foster care system through stories of its survivors who demonstrate hope for the future, even in a system often identified by abuse and neglect. With a unique perspective, this collection of inspiring stories is a testament to the fighting spirit of former foster children who have emerged from the system as successful productive members of society.

Please come and meet four incredible women at HerShe Group's first charity breakfast featuring women who have significantly impacted the lives of our youth.

This will undoubtedly be the best way to spend your Saturday morning on March 15, 2008 at Casa del Mar in Santa Monica.

The HerShe Group empowers girls in foster care to make a successful transition into adulthood by exposing them to extraordinary experiences through the arts, mentorship, adventure and education.

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Black_Ice4u said...

Nia Long has most def did her thing she has came a long way in the acting game.

It's wonderful to see more celebrity take a stand and help others that's not high profiled.

"This HerShe Group empowers girls in foster care to make a successful transition into adulthood" is wonderful.

so many of our young children need that type of connection to know that there will be somebody there that they can related to and talk to about different things that they can't talk to there parents about.

to have a place where they can learn to understand different things in life and how to cope with them is a blessing,let along to be able to have personal connect with Nia is outstanding.

GOD knows that our young children need some great mentor to keep them going down the right path.

lot of these parents just let these kids run wild doing all kind of things that we wouldn't dare do in front of a adult/parents back in our days we would get the fire knocked out of our butts.

when Nia gets a project to work on she goes all out to put her all into it.

she make you believe that she really that person going through that she is blessed with mad talent.

It's nice to see the spot light on her for the work that she has done i wish her many blessing!