Friday, March 7, 2008

COOK'N TO KEEP HIM by Cheryl Mayfield Brown

Delicious, Spicy, Hot, Tasty . . . a few of the same words that apply to food can also be used to describe sensual dining experiences.

We are all very familiar with the saying, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." At one time we would probably agreed with the statement. Especially when we were trying to Get and Keep the attention of the man that you would like to one day call your own.

Do you remember the first time when you laid eyes on him? Remember when you would spend countless hours thinking of ways to "Get Him"? Remember when you would do almost anything to capture his attention. You would chant silly little prayers' "Lead me not into temptation for I can find the way myself." It was then you decided to make yourself look delicious. You went out and bought new perfumes, sexy clothes and high heel shoes (even if they did hurt your feet).

You decided to show him your old fashioned culinary skills. You prepared him a home cooked meal; from scratch. He was very impressed. This becomes habit forming for the both of you. It's fun. It's challenging. You win the prize. Your man!

As with any prize, we must on occasion, give some attention to what we have worked so hard to get and keep. (Yes, keep. Always play to keep.)

In this book you will discover how to cultivate a new kind of flavor for your relationship using and working the "cooking utensils" that you naturally possess. With these basic cooking utensils, you will learn how to peel back you inner most cooking skills so that you can and will make temperatures rise in the kitchen (and other places) so the next time your prepare a meal for your man, it won't be the spoon that he is begging to lick.



Black_Ice4u said...

We're Only Human... "Hmmm, very interesting you are most def on the right path.

you have to make it so good that they don't want to stray LOL!

food will almost always bring a man home mix with the right attitude but you have to make sure that's the right man before you put it down you don't want to win the wrong one heart there could be hell to pay later.

It looks good i have to go and check this out Thanks for the info!

N. Steven said...

i heard that...and might i say that i am training at the school of Momma's Home Cookin' at Tha Crib University. i'm fidna hook up a lil sumthin' sumthin' for my lady...ya dig?

Too_True said...

I have to have a Lady who can cook, but I wouldn't expect her to cook for me all the time. I can hook up a lil sumthin too, not much but when she's tired I can handle that..

Black_Ice4u said...

Ha you are both on the right path to Goodness!

Cookin and love is like a fine wine
they both improves with time.

But on the real side food can be a powerful thing if used the right way;.)

If you find yourself cookin to keep him and it's still not working for you then you need to find other means to get to his/her heart.

but don't sweat it that just means you have to try just a little bit harder to work your way into his/her heart and it has to come from a two way street.

one can't always be the reciver or giver you both have to work together to make love grow.

that way you both can learn what it takes together to make things work and find out each other likes and dislikes.

It's nice when you can come home after a long day of work to a nice home cooked meal.

You just might make her feel like shes the world to you at that given moment.

She will be feeling like Damn he really do love me.

you would make her want to call her girls and say girl guess what he did for me type of stuff you know what i am saying!

You never know what kind of feelings you might have stured up inside her you could have taken her from the point of feeling like oh well i am home same oh same oh.

to the point of excitement like yeah that's my boo i going to give him something special type of feeling!

A good man/Woman will do what it takes to keep each other happy even when it feels like it's so hard to do when it gets to the point where you just want to give up.

you will find a way to bring back that spark that you once had even if it means you have to be the bigger man about it.

Good food is a open door way to the soul if you have the right attitude and understanding to go with it ya feel me!

Love and food works together very well they both give you this sense of understanding and fullness.

when food leaves your body you are weak.

when love leaves your body you are also weak.

when you intake food you feel energized.

when you are loved in a good way you really feel energized LOL!

When you eat something bad you feel sick.

when you lose the one you love you also feel sick.

food plays games with your head it can sometimes look good on the outside and oh so tasty.

but when you get it home and let it sit for a few days you really start to see its true colours and it leaves a bad feeling in your heart.

Cookin-Love-understanding-positive attitude and Happiness is the way to get to the soul!

You keep on training at the school of Momma's Home Cookin' at Tha Crib University best of Luck!

And best of Luck to you also in hooking her up with a lil sumthin!
and hopefully they will do the same in return.

take care all stay blessed!

Diva said...

I think it is such a wonderful feeling when you are getting to know someone. Especially when food is involved. You can actually tell a lot about a person without saying a word.

You can quickly tell about a person's home training. Does he chew with his mouth open or does he lick his fingers after eating a good ole piece of greasy fried chicken.

The object of the game is to give him something other than the spoon to lick.....You dig?