Sunday, September 28, 2008


Welcome to TAG Records. We're changing the game with this new label, so I suggest you join the movement. We're giving artists an incredible platform that no other label can offer. Most importantly, we're offering new artists the chance to have their music heard on an unprecedented level. TAG Records is making history with this one and if you're fresh enough, you can do the same. To get the latest news on TAG Records as well as hear my thoughts on the hustle and the music industry, visit my page Tag Records.

Jermaine Dupri knows a little about making history. As a producer and songwriter, the Atlanta-based music mogul has discovered and developed some of the best-selling artists of all time. When he’s not making his mark in hip-hop and R&B, JD always looking to expand his empire whether it be with his restaurant, his book or more recently TAG Records.


glennishamorgan said...

I don't think JD really gets his props. He's been heating up the industry for a very long time now and he's still going.Big ups to JD

LYTE said...

he sure has. I think he's a little too low key. He needs to make a whole lot more noise. But I also thinks his quiet demeanor works for him. He's the quiet storm.