Monday, December 20, 2010

Hiphop Today

What's good my lovely ones!! At this present moment I'm on a workout bike with water, my iphone and listening to NYC Power 105 (Arab Money), ready to kick some butt. Now checking out Neyo and Peedie Crack, where is he, definitely tears the head off a mic!!

On and off Twitter wanting to keep in touch with fans and friends. This morning I was asked a question I'm asked frequently and that's how do I feel about the current state of hip hop.

How do I answer without saying the same ole same ole? It's difficult when the truth is it's a business...PERIOD! So even if a few of us who enjoy something that was, the masses are enjoying what is. For those who are unsatisfied nothing sends a a message better than your absence. Make the decision to support the music you like by purchasing the songs even if you can find it for free on line. Gather up your people and attend a performance where you can show your love for the artists that still keep you interested and entertained.

Meanwhile today's hip-hop still moves people and inspires a nation and that's all we can ask for, that music still excites us.

Pick up a mix of a different types of Hip-hop
Mos Def
9th Wonder
Dead Prez
Nicki Minaj
Kanye West
Diddy-Dirty Money
Lil Wayne

And more is out there!
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Anonymous said...

i have got to get me a ipod, i so want to download music so bad' just need to right tools. i will always support hiphop for ever, old and new. hope Santa don't pass me by this year,this my second year asking for one and I've been good. HAPPY HOLIDAYS....

Mchula said...

You are absolutely right, Hip Hop is definitely a business. The authenticity of true Hip Hop is slowly fading due to the lack of originality. You don't have to have perfect pitch to realize some of the beats of today's Hip Hop music mimic each other. Perhaps its the business and the younger generations concept of Hip Hop, I personally think, today's Hip Hop lack luster and need to embrace more originality and character. I am just saying....



Anonymous said...

Completely true. Hip Hop may not have completely died yet, but it's fading away so quickly. Slipping from the grasps of even its most brilliant remaining entertainers. The ones that did everything from the heart and had supporters that gave them 100% across the board. Modern hip hop lacks heart and fails to engross its listeners with a story. It's just...a bunch of words...that don't pack a punch. That's probably why I have an old soul and I'm only 19. I listen to classic rappers and singers because their words had substance. That's not so true in this era....but that's only my opinion.


Andrea/Samirah/Renee' said...

I'm still buggin' on the fact that you wrote all that from your blackberry, lol.

Regarding hip-hop, I think I'd just say what most real and true hip-hoppers would say. But I'll give you this, when I hear some of them laughy taffy type rap songs, I wanna ram my head through a wall, "Are you serious!? For real-for real???

Anyway, Lyte, you are my peoples. Been a true fan and friend in my head since back in the day. I always knew things would be great for you because you are a REAL MC.
I wish my brother was alive to see it because I told him I knew you would stand the test of time and do other things, and I said prior to you MC'ing on the awards show, "They need to get MC Lyte, she has that MC voice and ability..."

Congrats my sister. I will be reaching out to you in 2011 to see if I can interview you in AMISTAD magazine (did a write up about you a few years ago in AMISTAD newspaper).

Anonymous said...