Tuesday, November 9, 2010



Free Shayla said...

Yes, "you have a reason to be here..." To sit and not only hear but watch the ladies that helped me as a little girl, know that I am somebody, can be somebody and that I could be anything touches me deeply. I am saddened by where female rap has gone... saddened by the thought that we as black women/ all women in the generation after me have settled for being the bitches and the hoes that our generation fought against with fierce rebuke. My daughter is five and has a very discremenatory taste towards what she will allow her spirit to injest... I am proud to say that she is a chip of the old mommy block. And, would like to say Thank you for being my role models. With great reflection on you Lyte and Latifah.
Peace and Blessings,

hustleking from bet the boot said...

I look at life from another view all most losting my life t the streets and god restring my dignity and faith i move in his light as i know my purpose. I am here to teach and lead the youth in the right direction and it is hard to capture they attention when you dont look like they favorite rapper. Thats why i have decided to use entertainment as a vessell to get the lords message acroos and spark a change in the youth that i come across. Listening to your testimony sparked me to stand and inform you on the things i have been doing in my community its hard but i know god wouldnt put more on me then i can handle so i take every step and day one at a time. I have bigger plans and will not stop until the world heres my story thank you for showing me that no matter who you are and wht you say when you have faith in god my mic sounds nice blessings young world

RoseBlackMusi said...

Thank you for this site, this where I got the 4 Agreements recommendation. That book changed my thinking.