Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today is yours-Own your time

Sometimes we become so consumed with yesterday's events and tomorrow's concerns we never realize we can take ownership of the HERE & NOW.

Yesterday is so gone it's not even worth losing a moment's thought on. Whatever happened, whatever was said, whatever wasn't done, whatever wasn't shared just wasn't! Whatever was lost will either be found or it won't. That simple!

Tomorrow certainly lies ahead and if your only thought is "Will I make it through?", you mine as well sit on the bench now. The game of life is as exciting as YOU make it! It's no one else's responsibility to see that you have a good time with this life of yours. See the vision of what you want your tomorrow to be and then exit door right. Get on your today immediately!!

Today is the time to make up for lost and stolen moments. Make that call, send your love, hug a little tighter, extend yourself to others the way you never ever have. Love harder, listen better, say what you mean and BE YOU as if your life depended on it!!!

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Angel said...

Thanks for this inspiring words. Love from Barcelona.

Anonymous said...

So Tru, new follower here, USA, long time FAN!!

NawlinsLez from Twitter said...

That's definitely church, Lyte. We spend so much time focusing on the past and worrying about the future that we forget to live in the present. I know my problem was that I used to just exist in this world instead of living in this world! I made a vow to myself to always wake up hitting the floor running and to make my today better than yesterday. I strive everyday to be a better me than I was before. I am riding MY life until the wheels fall off! JAH Bless!!

SherrieLe`Shell said...

This is the first time I have read one of your blogs and I am truly sorry I haven't taken the time to do so before now. Your words are both inspirational and enlightening. Thank you so much for taking time to share your knowledge those of us who really need blessed words from someone who cares about other's well being. Peace ~N~ Love to you, Sister!

Mecca said...


Anonymous said...

I'm very Thankful for another day, using it in every positive way I can. Look out world it going to be a long day. Time is on my side, I own it. Thank You Lyte I needed the inspiration.

LYTE said...

So glad to see the responses today!! THank you for the love and let's discuss some mind altering, life changing topics here. This is what the internet SHOULD be used for, elevating the spirit. : )

BJ said...

Living for today, the moment, the right now is necessary. It is the only thing that we are certain of. Worrying about yesterday is a waste of time. Wondering about tomorrow is also a waste as we are not promised tomorrow and yesterday has passed. So focus on the now and live in now.