Friday, February 19, 2010


Today will be the beginning of a new attitude

Today will be the day that you say the things you've always thought

Today will be the day you listen and learn something you've never known

Today will be the day that changes your life forever

Today you will look to give more than you receive, share more than you get and then sit and watch how the universe moves to make sure you have exactly what you need

You are a hero in the making for others, now be that for yourself.....LIVE
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Anonymous said...

yo sis, check out my story
farmer or a troll?

SGRho4Ever said...

Good Evening,

My name is Tynirra Mollette and I’m REALLY hoping that this email reaches the right person that can help me! I am a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated and I graduated from Stony Brook University in spring 2006. My undergrad chapter (Lambda Tau) is planning a 20th Anniversary reunion on April 18, 2010 from 6pm -11pm. Honestly, this is the FIRST time we planned a reunion and my sorors and I have been reaching out to many women of my undergrad chapter, to make this reunion so SPECIAL!....I understand that Soror Lana Michele Moorer is very busy with her career, among other things as well, but is it possible if Soror Lana Michele Moorer can perform at the reunion?....Again, I understand if it’s not possible, but we REALLY wanted to make this reunion SPECIAL!!!!....I thank you for your valuable time and please whether the decision is, your response would be appreciated.

Tynirra Mollette

JaVonna said...


Juliette187 said...

your words have stole my mind and got my full blown attention since i was 8 and i always said " if mc lyte made a bible, i would fallow tha lyte!

shawn price said...

that was so awesome...I'm taking these words to heart for myself

Anonymous said...

truly insightful.
i just have to say i saw you at the michael jordon party at Shula's in NYC.(i was the bartender)you have "the best" energy

msdot813 said...

lyte i love you. my name is an aspiring rap artist i ahve a song on youtube and it pays tribute to you and all the other female rap artist that influenced me and id love if you could take a look.Heres the link. Check this Jay-z's a star is born remix
if you cant hit that just look for "A star is born" thank you

Chico Mayo said...

She had me at "stole my mind" Deep!!