Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Every moment counts

I remember many years ago an extremely famous friend of mine said to me, "Lyte, never do anything you don't want to do". She believed there were too many people doing lots of things because someone else wanted them to and not because their own wishes.

Now that I'm an adult (fully grown that is) I must agree. Knowing that time goes quickly and you can never get a moment back, I now do only the things I want to. Sure folks can make suggestions and I will gladly listen but it won't always result in me doing as they say.

Truth is no one ever knows you better than you know yourself and ultimately you know what will make you happy and keep you satisfied.

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Honest Abe said...

I can respect this sentiment. I'm hard pressed not to agree with how right you are. Its something more people need to take to heart before its too late. I've come to the same conclusion myself a not too long ago.

As it refers to me as an artist and in everyday life, just gotta do u at the end of the day.

Much love to u my BK sista. ;)


umasermons said...

sweetheart, you're showing what a black woman shud be.. dat ideal role model. u make da choices of who u wanna be wha u wanna do. and since u made da right choices, you're where you s'possed 2 be. n keep bein u. am proud dere's real sistas out dere still living.. god bless ya

Shayla Jones said...

3gagainstdomesticviolence.blogspot.com You inspire me to keep the message of peace going. Living a real and authentic life is the best we can do for ourselves... "because we can't please everyone... we gotta please ourselves." Jah bless you Lyte!

-Shayla Jones